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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

My Hometown

Some small towns seem to stay the same as progress moves on all around them. I'm from one of those towns, and though there have been a few changes over the years, they have been slow coming. China, Maine is still considered a small country town. Some of my favorite childhood memories are from there. A lot of my family still lives there. 

I wanted to share a few pictures of some places I am familiar with that haven't changed for as long as I can remember.

This is the China Post Office and though it might have received new paint and updated for people with disabilities, this small building has been the post office for as long as I can remember. I went into it the last time I was home and there was only one person running it.

This is China Baptist Church and it's still used today. It's located right across the street from China Lake, where Earl and I were married one summer. When my step-mom passed away my Dad donated a copper weather vane in her name. This little church has been in service for 213 years.

Town library. Used to be an old family house.
The town office. I was home one year taking care of my dad during his last months. Earl decided to surprise me by flying in to marry me. He stopped here for the marriage license.
This is the town fire rescue, which has always been voluntary. I can remember hearing over the scanner in my dad's kitchen when fire rescue was needed, they came out the morning I woke to find my dad had passed away in his chair. My cousin's son JR was the first one through the door and he came straight to me and hugged me while I cried. Will never forget that. I knew it had been hard for him, too, because he'd grown up around my dad.

The Landing. This place has been here forever! It used to be a tiny little place where you could get ice cream during the summer months only. Now they serve delicious food and ice cream and there are picnic tables where you can sit and look at China Lake.

The view from The Landing. In the distance across China Lake
 you can see the China Baptist Church

China Lake. When I was a kid the water was so clean. I can remember catching fish and ice skating there. These days I wouldn't go into the water without something on my feet, though.

Now I want to go home!

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Confessions of an Erotic Writer

Adult Stores and Movies 

Have any of you ever been? I think they’re still around today, though maybe not as taboo as they were when I was growing up. My first experience with seeing nudity and watching movies with questionable content was when my parents would take my sister and me to the drive-in movies. I honestly believe that my parents didn’t think we would know what we were looking at, we were that young. This was back in the early sixties.

My first adult experience at age eighteen (42 years ago) was going to a movie theater in downtown Orlando where they showed porn. I went with my boyfriend, and his cousin. We just wanted to see what it was all about. I can still remember the cafeteria type chairs, about twenty of them, set up in this small square room with a huge screen. There were already people in there, and by people I mean men, (I was the only girl) and they were all wearing what looked like raincoats. We sat in the front row where I was able to alternate between listening to the moans, groans, and heavy breathing of the actors on screen, to the moans, groans, and heavy breathing of the men surrounding me. It was the longest ten minutes of my life!

We never went to another porn movie. However, shortly after my boyfriend and I got married he thought it would be cool to bring home a porn tape (8-track) so we could watch it in the comfort of our living room. He paid $80 dollars for that damn movie, and I was so scared to have it in the house believing that it was illegal that I taped Christmas specials over the whole thing! I guess you can say that I was a pretty naive and unadventurous back then.

Well, I’m sorry to say being naive followed me right into my mid-twenties and my first trip to an adult store. There were a group of us friends and one of them was about to have a birthday. So we thought it would be funny to get her a toy. I think I stupidly volunteered with another girl that we’d go together. We collected the money and drove to the only adult store I knew of, again in Orlando.

I had no idea what to expect, and my friend and I started giggling before we even walked through the door. There were a few men (shopping I guess) and we stopped and looked around just inside the door. To this day I couldn’t tell you what all was in there because my eyes were glued to the mannequin in the window, which had been blacked out. She was dressed in black leather, boots, a whip and masque, and my jaw dropped with pleasant surprise thinking that this wouldn’t be so bad after all. Then, with loud enthusiasm I turned to my friend and said, Ohmygod! They even have Halloween costumes in here!” You could have heard a pin drop after that, and Jackie said while laughing her ass off, “That’s not a Halloween costume!”

That’s when I noticed the cut-outs over certain body parts. My friend made me go sit out in the car after that. Seems kind of odd that I grew into writing erotic romance after that beginning doesn’t it?

Come on, don’t be shy, and share your stories!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Portrait of a Lone Wolf

Series: Black Hills Wolves
Book: Portrait of a Lone Wolf, Novella, #7
Publisher: Decadent

Book Blurb

A mixed-blood Native American wolf-shifter, abandoned by a teenage mother and ignored by an absentee father, Rio Waya has never fit in or felt worthy of love. But when he comes home to the Black Hills, he realizes he wants a mate of his own.

Recovering from a cheating ex who started a new family behind her back, Sela L√≥pez seeks escape to pull her life back together. As a documentary filmmaker and wildlife photographer, she rents a cabin in the Black Hills with plans to film the beleaguered wolf population. But she’s so busy looking through a camera lens she doesn’t see trouble coming.

Sparks fly as mutual fears and vulnerabilities surface when Sela and Rio meet. She can’t figure out why the mysterious Mr. Waya is so anxious about having a documentary made of the Black Hills Wolves. But when his secret is exposed, all hell breaks loose. Can Rio win Sela’s trust and soothe her fears about allowing a hunky wolf-shifter into her heart?

Buy Links
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Following her nose through the front door, she was thrust into a honky-tonk time warp. Bars like this one didn’t exist in Los Angeles. The Den was cozy enough but appeared to have been decorated by a taxidermist in the late seventies and zealously preserved since. The shaggy heads of several unfortunate buffalo dominated the far wall. At the front door, two stuffed raccoons offered a mock greeting with outstretched paws. The chairs, booths, and even a few of the tables were covered in forest green vinyl. No doubt a sticky misery to come in contact with on a hot day.

Movement caught her eye. A burly man with an inscrutable expression rose from behind a counter as if he was part of a magic act. He was tall with a barrel chest. A nappy brown sweater coupled with hunched posture lent him a distinctly bearlike appearance.

The dour gentleman focused on Sela with a frown. “Where did you come from?”

Steppenwolf’s “Born To Be Wild” was cranked to eleven. She had to shout to be heard, “Can I order some food to go?”

The saggy-faced Papa bear behind the counter appeared perturbed. “Fair warning, miss. The kitchen’s closed. Pretty sure we don’t have what you want.”

The explosive clack of a pool cue making hard contact with a ball nearly drowned her out. “Except for you, everything’s closed in this town!”

A few customers cast her a brief glance then looked away. The lucky bastards sat in front of pitchers of cold beer, towering hamburgers, paired with heaps of french fries or onion rings. Her stomach growled embarrassingly loud, but she doubted anyone could hear above the blaring music. “Something smells heavenly. Could I at least order onion rings to go?”

Bear man shook his head. “Sorry. No can do. Fryer’s turned off.”

“Really?” Digging through her purse, she wondered if this place would accept a credit card. “I’m willing to pay a little extra for the trouble.”

With a sullen pout, he rubbed a limp rag across the countertop. “After hours The Den ain’t open to the general public. Guess what? It’s after hours.”

“Oh, come on!” She sounded desperate.

A man in a red plaid shirt, who appeared to be in his mid-thirties, sat at the counter. He shot her a smoldering look filled with mixed emotions. Perhaps he was angry or lost in thought. She couldn’t tell. The flash of fire in his eyes beneath brooding black brows was impossible to decipher. When he opened his mouth, the tough gravel voice of a drill sergeant rumbled out. “Gee, don’t be a hard ass. Get the lady some onion rings.”

The lumbering hairy thing behind the counter, presumably named Gee, thrust out his bottom lip and lifted his hands into the air in mock surrender. “Why not? It’s not like my house rules ever get any respect anyway.”

From the corner of her eye, Sela glimpsed a huge silver-furred canine dart from under a table, push a swinging door open with its muzzle, and disappear.

“Did I just see a wolf?” Sela gasped.

Author Info

Katalina Leon is an artist and author who can’t commit to a single genre. Her favorite playgrounds are historical, Sci-fi, contemporary, and most of all paranormal realms. Katalina brings a sense of adventure and a touch of the mystical to erotic romance. She believes there's a daring heroine inside every woman who wants to take a wild ride with a strong worthy hero.
Author Links
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Throw Back Thursday

Another early picture of my sister Lois and me. Taken in the early 60's at my Aunt Florence's home in China, Maine. 

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Release Day!

Shelly's brother is away fighting war, and asks his best friend Tony to look out for her while he's gone. That means Tony needs to be on his best behavior, and hands off for them both. But Tony is big, black and beautiful, and Shelly's had her eyes on the sexy ex-Marine for a long time.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Dates for Dark Menace MC

Mark your calendars!
Cover reveal - 4/15
Pre-order available - 5/1
Release date - 9/1

Rachel offers herself to Stone as collateral for her family's debt, and becomes the target of a rival motorcycle club, the Red Devils. Wildman wants her, but so does Stone, and he’ll do whatever it takes to protect her.

You got to meet Rachel and Stone in Wild Marauders MC. Wild Marauders MC and Dark Menace MC are connected very briefly. Both are stand alone books with HEA endings, and NO CLIFFHANGERS!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Throw Back Thursday

This is my sister and me apparently way back before they invented color photos! Anyway, this was taken in 1956. My sister Lois is exactly one year younger than me.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

One More Chapter!

Been plugging away and I'm finally down to one chapter left for Dark Menace MC. Once I type 'The End' there will be a cover reveal. Just wait until you see it, I think it's fabulous! I thought you might like to read an unedited excerpt.

You met Rachel and Stone in Wild Marauders MC. Though there is a brief connection between the two clubs, both books are stand alone romance stories with HEA endings.

Blurb - Rachel offers herself to Stone as collateral for her family's debt, and becomes the target of a rival motorcycle club, the Red Devils. Wildman wants her, but so does Stone, and he’ll do whatever it takes to protect her.

Unedited excerpt - Rachel's POV

I sucked in deep breaths because if I didn’t I was going to be sick, but I couldn’t stop the tears. I had fucked up everything. “I was trying to do the right thing.” My voice was low and raspy but I knew Stone had heard me. “I—”, what did it matter? I could see in his eyes that he’d made up his mind to hate me.

“I’m done with you.” For the first time he included his brothers in the room. “This woman belongs to the club now.” There was a murmur of shocked comments throughout the bar. My knees nearly gave way and I reached for the back of the nearest chair for support. “Rachel and her sister will work off their debt as fucking sweetbutts.” Some of the men cheered and clapped.

“Stone,” Max drew Stone’s attention back to him. “Don’t do this, brother. You can’t undo once it’s done. Giving her to the men—”

“You want her, brother?” Stone snarled.

“I’ll take the bitch!” someone yelled out laughing. I didn’t recognize him. The only bikers I was familiar with were Stone’s officers. The others were just faces in a sea of black tee-shirts, cuts and jeans. “She’s got nice tits.”

“Stone,” Max said again, shaking his head. “Think about this prez. If the woman means anything to you—”

I stared at Stone, willing him to answer. Did I mean anything to him? Our eyes locked but the coldness in his never changed.

“She was a good fuck.”

His words cut through me like a knife, and I started to feel cold inside. I guess that said it all. All he’d wanted me for was sex. Well, at least I’d been good at it. How could I have fallen in love with a man like him? Maybe it wasn’t love, maybe it was just infatuation. I’d never been in love before so I really didn’t know what it felt like.

Except that I did.

And he was standing in front of me, giving me up, giving his men the okay to take me to their beds. I wanted to beg him not to do this. I’d find another way to pay back Ronald’s debt, but I wasn’t going to become a fuck toy for his club. I was beginning to feel numb. I’m sure I was in some kind of shock.

“I’ll claim Rachel, then,” Max said smiling. “Been looking for a good fuck, someone who hasn’t been with all the other brothers.” He grabbed the front of his pants. “She can continue working the bar when she’s not working me.”

What? I could only stand and watch as Stone and Max went back and forth. Max had never shown any interest in me before now. Without warning he stepped closer to me and wrapped his arm around my waist, pulling me against him. I kept my eyes on Stone. The only thing that showed he might be having a problem with Max handling me was the tightening of his jaw.

“It’s done, then. Pack up her shit and move it out of my room.” He stared at me the whole time he spoke. Damn him. I think at that second I hated him. I refused to break down in front of him again, wouldn’t give him the satisfaction of knowing that he was killing me inside.

I felt Max’s hand move from my waist, and forced myself to remain still, even when he palmed my breast and gave it a squeeze. Stone’s gaze dropped there briefly, something dangerous flashed in his eyes.

“I hate you for this,” I said softly, drawing his gaze back up to mine.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Party at The Romance Reviews!

Hey friends, my question is up at The Romance Reviews party site today! Did you know there are 350 participating authors? ALL giving away a prize? Did you know there is a GRAND PRIZE of $100 GC? Head on over and play!

Question #7
What did Kat call Lynch after he told her to take off her top? 

Answer it there for a chance to win the prize I'm offering up.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Inside the Lines by Ally Bishop


What happens in love might destroy you...

Or remake you all together.

I make a living offering men and women their ultimate fantasies…as submissives of the mysterious Mistress Hathaway.

I've never surrendered to anyone. That's not the way it works. Or rather, not the way I operate.

But when the gorgeous Fin MacKenzie shows up in my life, he throws everything out of balance.

Now I'm not sure who I am anymore, and I'm questioning everything.

What woman can turn away from a gorgeous Scotsman, especially when he sets her body on fire and her heart ablaze?

I have to stop it…us. I can't keep going like this. It will ruin everything I've worked so hard to build.

Who am I if I surrender to him? Worse yet, who am I if I don't?

You can read Inside the Lines at:

Length: 238 pages
Genre: Sexy romance, erotic romance
Heat rating: Get out your summer wardrobe—things are about to get hot!

Bio for Ally Bishop:

When you do something effortlessly and people commend you continuously, you have found your gift.

That’s what I tell people all the time. And it’s true.

I get story. I always have. I started writing when I was 8 on a Smith Corona (the electronic kind — I’m not THAT old). I wrote stories in every spiral notebook I had. Eventually, I graduated to a Mac (yes, I’m one of THOSE people). I imagined new worlds, emotional conflicts, and HEAs while I waited at stoplights or wandered the grocery store. But here’s the thing: I didn’t just dream it up and write it down — I critiqued what I read. I knew when ideas were good, and when they stunk. I ran writing groups, judged creative contests, and eventually got two graduate degrees in writing. That’s right: I love it that much.

So here I am, years later, writing kickass heroines and devastating good guys, along with some mystery and vampires thrown in (I promise: THEY’RE COMING). And what’s really cool? I do what I love. Wanna write a success story for your life: I promise you, that’s it. Do what you love. And hopefully, you can make a living at it too. That’s the golden ticket, Charlie.

And chocolate doesn’t hurt, either…

The serious stuff:

I have an M.A. in creative writing, as well as an M.F.A. in creative writing with a focus in publishing. I produce two podcasts, host one, and am a freelance editor and publicist over at Upgrade Your Story. In my free time (what is that, exactly?), I read, workout, game, and converse. I’m a high introvert despite my extroverted behaviors, so you’ll find me behind my computer most days. I’m married to the wild and brilliant Billy Crash, have two dogs who are filing to change their species designation to “human,” and can often be found wandering Manhattan in search of the perfect writing spot.

You can find me at Twitter at @upgradestory & @allyabishop, Facebook, Pinterest, and my website.

Enter the Rafflecopter below. The giveaway is a $25 Etsy gift card and a signed copy of the book (US only) as well as three ebooks.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Biker's Week at Daytona

Well, ladies, I thought I'd died and gone to heaven yesterday when I was out and about. Every time I turned around there were bikers, and I mean a lot of bikers, everywhere! Daytona Beach is just down the street from me and it dawned on me that it must be bikers week. I'll tell you this much, you can sure tell the hardcore bikers from the weekend warriors. It wasn't in just their appearances either, even riding their bikes the attitude was different.

Some of the differences I noticed while driving on I-4.

Hardcore bikers
no helmets or half helmets
bikes with ape hangers
skull caps
long hair
facial hair
mostly black bikes
tough looking
biker boots
travel in clusters
use hand signals

Weekend warriors 
huge helmets
vans transporting their bikes
bikes of color that look shiny and brand new
three wheeler bikes
helmets and jackets match
travel alone or with one or two other riders
use their turn signals

Thursday, March 5, 2015

The END!

Just sent the finished script off to my editor. Here's a little teaser of my up-coming interracial romance.

unedited - Tony's POV

Tony released a harsh breath and leaned his forehead against the door. She knew he hated his full name. “I swear to God, if you don’t open this fucking door—” He heard the click that indicated Shelly had unlocked it, but he knew she wouldn’t open it, she was just that stubborn.

By the time he opened the door, Shelly was walking away from him. Tony’s gaze automatically fell to her ass, admiring the way the soft roundness filled out the sweats she was wearing. Shit, don’t go there, man. She’s off limits. He closed and locked the door.

“See?” Shelly tossed over her shoulder, the wild waterfall of her thick, auburn curls bouncing with the movement of her head. God, she had great hair. “I’m okay.”

Tony could tell by her tone that she wasn’t. He caught up to her and reached for her arm. “No, you’re not.” He forced her around to face him, his gaze dropping to what she had in her hands. “Oh hell no, you’re not doing this.” He reached for the quart of ice cream, noticing that it was half gone. “You’ll regret this in the morning.”

“How do you know?” Shelly asked, as they as they went back and forth, each trying to take control of the container.

“Because I know you.” It was true. Tony and her brother Steve had grown up as best friends, and had spent a lot of time at each other’s houses. Shelly was only a three years younger than them, but she’d always seemed to be around when he was at their home. Over the years he’d seen a lot, including that she always seemed to pick the wrong men.

“You think you know me, but what you don’t know would surprise you.” She finally gave up and let him take the ice cream away from her. For a moment they stood silently staring at one another.

In that quiet moment Tony let himself take in all of Shelly. He’d first met her when she was a cute, chubby ten-year-old. Over the years that baby-fat had redistributed into one sexy, curvy woman that took his breath away, and tested his libido. It was getting harder and harder to keep his attraction for her a secret, like right now, when all he wanted to do was kiss those soft, full lips pouting up at him. But that wasn’t all Tony wanted to do to Shelly, and that was the problem.

In the face of her quiet anger he picked up the spoon and took a big bite of the ice cream, hoping to take his mind off Shelly as a desirable woman and get it back on track that she was his best friend’s little sister, and therefore hands off.

Monday, March 2, 2015

What a deal!

All of my books at Coffee Time Romance are 35% off! 
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