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Sunday Selection

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Chapter 2

As I waited for Joe, wondering if I was making a mistake, I couldn’t help but notice one man in particular sitting at the bar. I only noticed him because he was staring at me intently with a half-dazed gleam in his eyes that warned me he was three sheets to the wind. I quickly glanced away, not wanting to encourage him. A flashing sign over the stage drew my attention. It was a notice to patrons that the bar was closing up soon. So that explained why I saw several people downing their drinks and getting up.

A door behind the bar opened and Joe emerged, looking oh my God so damned hot that I caught my breath. He actually pulled off looking sexier in clothes, dressed in jeans and a black pullover that looked poured over his muscular torso. We made eye contact briefly and exchanged smiles before the bartender pulled him away.

While they were exchanging words I mistakenly glanced at the drunk at the bar, realizing when his face lit up like a Christmas tree that I still had the smile on my face. Oh crap! He slipped off the stool and began to make his way in my direction, weaving slightly. The people he bumped into took it in stride, barely giving him any notice. I wondered if I should get up and meet Joe at the bar. It was too late now because the man had reached my table.

“Hi, beautiful.” His speech was slightly slurred, and even though he was standing, I could clearly smell the alcohol on his breath. “You shouldn’t be alone.”

“I’m waiting for someone.”

“The standard line for fuck off,” he said rudely. He sat down before I could stop him. “But I’ve been watching you and your friends and I haven’t seen any men hanging around.”

 He’d obviously missed the show I just starred in with Joe up on stage. I glanced over at the bar, willing Joe to look my way, but he was engrossed with something the bartender was saying. Waitresses began cleaning empty tables, the stage lights turned off, and I saw a man toss some money onto the bar before leaving his stool. The continuous music I’d heard since arriving there had also stopped.

“I have a date.” I hoped he got the hint when I kept my gaze on Joe.

He turned and glanced toward the bar, then swung back around. “Lucky Joe, he gets to add another notch on his bedpost, and a little more money in his pocket.” He hiccupped. “Don’t think you’re anything special, lady. Joe takes a woman home with him every night.”

 I tried not to let his comment affect me, but inside I felt a deep disappointment. Was Joe a gigolo? A lying one because he’d let me believe my going home with him wasn’t the norm. I tried to brush it off. What did it really matter anyway? We weren’t in a relationship, and I wasn’t going home with him for tea and crumpets. I was hoping for a hot, good time in bed with him, the perfect thing to top off my birthday.

“Last call!” the bartender called out, cutting off my silent contemplation.

The man across from me had a drunken smirk on his face, and then suddenly I felt his hand on the flesh above my knee. He gave a squeeze, winking in what he probably thought was a sexy come-on. I brushed his hand away and stood. “Keep your hands to yourself.” I was careful to keep my voice low as I didn’t want to cause a scene.

The place was emptying fast, and I breathed with relief when Joe finally began to walk toward me. I wanted to believe that the frown on his face was because he knew I was being bothered, and he didn’t like it. I decided to meet him halfway, but when I made a move to go past the drunk he stood and grabbed my arm.

“You think you’re too good for me?” I reluctantly met the growing anger in his eyes. “I just want a few minutes of your company. You’re gonna give him a lot more.”

What an obnoxious ass! I pulled my arm away. “Look—”

About that time I heard Joe say, “Not tonight, Sheila. I have other plans.”

I glanced in time to see him break off contact with one of the waitresses, and I lost my temper. Mr. Obnoxious was saying something to me in his slurred tone, and I reached up and slapped him in the face. The sound was loud enough to cause a hush in the bar, and suddenly the remaining few patrons were watching us. I closed my eyes with a silent groan. The last thing I intended was bringing more attention to myself. Deciding I was going to call the whole thing off and just go home, I turned to leave.

“Why you little bitch!” Mr. Obnoxious had another idea. He grabbed me by the shoulders, turned me around, and pushed me up against the wall. It happened so fast that I didn’t have time to react and it was over before I could blink.

Joe seemed to reach us in record time. He pulled the man away from me. While they were exchanging heated words, I casually slipped away and headed for the door, praying that Helen and Sandy had taken care of the bill before they left. I didn’t stop until I was outside. At the same time, it dawned on me that I didn’t have a ride home. Damn! There was no way I was going back inside, so I headed toward the street where I would be able to see beneath the light to make a call.

“Lana, wait.” I heard Joe’s voice and picked up my step, which was hard to do on gravel while wearing heels. He caught up with me in no time, gently taking hold of my arm and drawing me to a halt. “Are you okay?”

 I knew we were looking at each other, but it was too dark to see his expression. “Yes. I just need some light to call a cab.”

“You’ve changed your mind about coming home with me?”

“I’m sure you can find a replacement,” I said, thinking about the waitress inside.

“What the fuck is that supposed to mean?” he asked angrily. “What did that asshole tell you?”

“Enough to know you won’t be lonely. I only hope my friends didn’t pay you too much to sleep with me.” The hand on my arm tightened, revealing either I’d hit a nerve, or he was growing angrier. “I’m okay with it, Joe, really. I should have known a man like you would have to be paid for a little, ah, extra special attention.”

“A man like me?” His tone was low and gravelly, and I didn’t need any light to know he was clenching his teeth. “Well, let’s go then. I want to make sure I give you their money’s worth.”

Surprisingly, I wasn’t frightened of Joe. He brought out other emotions in me. So when he began pulling me behind him I didn’t protest. He was just too damned sexy, and arousal still hummed through my body. I knew that with his talents he’d have me eating out of his hand in seconds. He was a tall man, his steps much wider than mine, and it was inevitable that I’d stumble. When I did, he caught me, and pulled me up into his arms without breaking stride.

“This isn’t necessary.” A thrill shot through me in spite of my mild protest. I couldn’t recall the last time a man carried me. He just grunted.

When we reached his car, he dropped me to my feet at the passenger’s side door. I barely had time to notice it was a Corvette before he crushed me against the door and kissed me roughly. Caught totally by surprise, at first, I stiffened, but within seconds, I melted against him like ice cream on a hot sidewalk. Oh my God, the man knew how to kiss! When he reined in his aggressive attack, his mouth turned soft and coaxing, dragging me into a realm of endless erotic possibilities.

I moaned beneath his mouth and opened my lips, inviting his tongue inside. As we explored each other’s mouths, I was aware his hands had moved from my shoulders down my back to my hips. My body started to move in a writhing, sensuous dance against his, letting him know that I was turned on. The movement of his cock against my lower belly sent my senses spinning out of control. I fought the urge to reach down and touch him.

As if guessing what was going through my mind, he reached for my hand and brought it to his zipper. The length and hardness of his shaft caused a stream of volcanic heat to flow through my blood, and that’s how I felt, as if I were going to erupt. I began to tremble with hunger. I rubbed and caressed his cock, wishing that we were naked and at a place where we could give in to the overwhelming lust governing my emotions. Joe’s deep groan encouraged me to continue touching him, which I did with brazen abandon.

 “I can’t wait to get inside your cunt,” he rasped, kissing and biting my neck. His hands found their way to my ass, where he caressed and palmed it, pulling me even closer against him. “If I didn’t think we’d be interrupted I’d fuck you right here, right now.” His confession made me feel giddy with power.

 What woman didn’t like knowing that she was driving a man crazy enough to forget public protocol? I felt his hands against the backs of my thighs, at the hem of my skirt, and then he was slowly pulling it up. I gasped at the tickling sensation the light caress of his fingertips left behind. As his passion grew, so did mine. I reached for his belt buckle with the intention of undoing his jeans so I had access to his cock. Without warning, Joe broke our heated kiss.

“Hell, no!” He shuddered against me. “I’ll never make it if you touch me now, and fucking you for the first time in a parking lot isn’t what I have in mind.” I felt his lips moving against my forehead, and his heart pounding wildly against mine. “Come on, birthday girl.” He opened the car door and assisted me inside.

 I squashed my disappointment, and realized he’d made a good call when the door opened to the bar and a couple walked out. As I watched Joe walk around to the driver’s side, I smoothed my arms over my tingling, rock-hard nipples in an effort to ease the pleasant pain. They were aching for his touch; my whole body was abuzz with arousal. My pussy was actually throbbing. I slipped my hand between my legs and touched the silk covering my mound to find it was soaked. I wondered if Joe was anywhere near as turned on as I was.

The light came on when he opened the door, and I had a long enough look at his expression to see the raw stamp of arousal on his face. My gaze shifted downward. The bowed ridge of his hard cock was very evident in his tight jeans. Overall he looked positively wild. A little thrill shot through me, because something warned me that Joe’s possession was going to be nothing short of miraculous. I could hardly wait.

I squeezed my thighs together. He didn’t say anything, just started the car and pulled out of the parking lot. I used the following silence to calm my racing body, and tried to remember when the last time was that I’d had sex. It was a couple of years at least, with a longtime friend after we thought we wanted to take our relationship to a new level. It hadn’t lasted long, and the sex had been awkward so we decided we were better off just remaining friends. With Joe, I knew things would be different. Maybe because sex was all we wanted. He hadn’t denied my comment about being paid to have sex with me. I squashed the disappointment before it could take root.

The silence was starting to get to me. “So, how long have you been a, ah, stripper dancer?”

He released a sexy laugh. “The official title is male stripper, and I’ve been doing it for twenty years.”

 “What?” I’d always been under the impression that people who stripped for a living only did it until they found a real job.

“I started when I was twenty-four.” I sensed him looking at me so I turned in his direction. “It keeps me in shape, and I earn a fairly decent living off it.” That would make him forty-four.

“Did the extras pay for this car?”

“If that’s what you want to believe,” Joe replied in a strained voice. “You’ve already formed an opinion of me.”

He was right, and I knew that wasn’t fair. Why should I believe the words of a drunk? “So why don’t you tell me, then?” I should probably have paid attention to where we were going but it was too late now. “Tear down the stereotype.”

“So you want to get personal?”

“Why not?”

“It goes both ways, Lana.”

I shrugged, even though knowing he couldn’t see it. “I don’t mind answering questions.”

A long silence followed, and then I heard Joe release a sigh. “Okay. It will take us twenty minutes to get to my place. Plenty of time for us to answer any questions either of us has, but once we pull into my drive…” We came to a red light, and once Joe stopped he gave me a long look. “I’m done talking.”

He didn’t have to say any more. His meaning was obvious and made me feel warm and tingly inside. “Okay.”

He accelerated when the light turned green. “Since you asked me about the extras, let me set you straight right now. I’m not a gigolo, Lana. I don’t accept money to sleep with women.”

I was thrilled to hear that. “And here I thought my friends had paid you to sleep with me. Then why are you taking me home with you?”

“Because I want you,” he responded bluntly. “Helen and Sandy didn’t pay me to do anything. I overheard them talking about birthday ideas for you one night, and told them if they could manage to get you to the stage I would take care of the rest.”

“Oh, so—”

“My turn,” We exchanged amused glances. “I’ve been watching you come into Big Dicks for a while now. Why do you always pick a table by the entrance, in the dark?”

He’s been watching me? “You’re a slow mover, aren’t you?” I teased.

“Cute.” He chuckled. “And answer my question.”

“The bar scene isn’t really my thing. Helen and Sandy are my best friends and have been bugging me for a long time about my lack of a life outside of work. I’ve just been tagging along to shut them up.” I’d been using that story for so long that I was beginning to believe it.

“That doesn’t really answer my question, though.”

No, it didn’t. Should I tell him the truth? Sure, my friends had talked me into going to Big Dicks the first couple of times. But seeing Joe on that stage for the first time had kept me going back. He’d mesmerized me with his moves, and then with his magnificent body once the clothes started coming off. Staying hidden in the shadows, I was able to watch him without worry of someone noticing me, or hearing any snide remarks from my girlfriends. More than once, I’d gone home horny to a cold, vibrating dildo.


I took a breath and decided to plunge ahead. What did it matter if he knew how I felt now? After all, I was going home with him. “I stayed in the shadows so I could watch you without my friends commenting about it. Satisfied?”

“You’ll know when I’m satisfied.” He glanced over at me. “So, you were watching me, too. Maybe if you’d given me a hint or two that you were interested I would have made a move sooner.”

All of a sudden, his warm hand was on my knee. Even that light touch excited me and had my senses swimming. For a stripper his palm wasn’t as soft as I expected it to be. The roughness and calluses revealed he might do something else for a living besides dancing. Only now, I didn’t care because his hand was slowly gliding under my skirt and continuing up my thigh.

“Well, I’m sure you haven’t been lonely.” I swallowed with difficulty. If what I said angered him, he didn’t show it. His hand was within an inch of going as far as it could, and I was about to have heart failure.

“Maybe not, but you’re the one I want now. Since the first time I laid eyes on you I’ve wondered what it would be like sinking my cock inside you.” His finger flicked over my pussy and it was all I could do not to jump off the seat. “Jesus, you’re soaked.”

Oh, God! His finger flicking back and forth over my pussy felt so good! I found myself straining toward it, lifting my hips off the seat just a little. He made a right-hand turn down a residential street, passing a sign that said it was a dead end. I wished I didn’t have on any underwear, I wanted to feel his finger inside my pussy, and against my clit.

My breathing picked up with excitement, and I didn’t even try to disguise it. Joe made another turn, and the car came to a hard stop. Then he switched off the ignition and everything went dark. I closed my eyes, working my hips against his intimate caress as I felt the pleasure build inside my body. I began to tremble, reaching for something that remained just out of my grasp.

 “Joe—” I could hear the frustration in my tone. I wanted to tell him something, yet I couldn’t find the words.

“Tell me what you want, Lana.” His voice was low and a little raspy. I heard a noise and realized he’d released his seat belt. Then he moved across my body and I felt my seat belt give. As he started to go back to his side, he paused and kissed me; at the same time his finger nudged my thong aside and sank deeply inside my pussy.

My body arched with pleasure, and our kiss turned wild. Moans filled the inside of the car, the sounds urging us into a more intimate moment. And then, oh God, he found my clit. Having been aroused to the point of almost coming more than once this evening, dreaming about Joe for months and wondering what sex would be like with him, it all added up to one colossal orgasm. A couple of pinches, a few hard flicks, and I was coming like the geyser at Yosemite.

Our mouths locked together, preventing me from expressing my intense pleasure. My first orgasm at the age of fifty seemed to last forever. I was helpless to do anything but ride it out and wait for the convulsions to die down. More than once Joe’s fingers brushed against my clit, making me jerk wildly. I felt his smile before he removed his mouth from mine. Finally, I was able to take a deep breath, and I leaned my head back against the seat, exhausted. I don’t know how much time went by before he slipped his finger away.

“Would you like to go inside and finish this?”

I laughed softly. “I guess we’d better. There isn’t much room in this car.”

“Where there’s a will there’s always a way,” he said with humor. He opened his door and the light came on.

 “Well, I’m not as bendy as I used to be.” Joe laughed outright at that, closed his door, and came around to my side.

When he opened my door, he stared down at me for a minute. “I wonder what put that pretty shine in your eyes.”

“It must have been something you did.” I took the hand he offered and got out of the car. “I’d like to see a shine in your eyes, too, Joe.” I blindly followed him into the darkness.

“Oh, you will.” As we neared the entrance to his house, the outside lights flickered on. He slipped a key into the lock, opened the door, and pulled me inside. Then, flipping a switch by the door the interior lights came on. Joe turned to an alarm panel and punched in a code, turning to me when he was done.

We stood there staring at each other beneath the muted lighting. I couldn’t explain it, but I felt a moment of unease. Maybe it was because I became aware that I’d walked into the lion’s den willingly, and I didn’t even know where that was. Or maybe it was because I’d been fantasizing about Joe for a long time, and he was going to make those hot, erotic dreams come true. I couldn’t help my interest dropping to the front of his jeans, and suddenly his hands were there, undoing his belt buckle.

My attention flew back up to his eyes. I couldn’t ignore the passion on his face. Raw, primal, the fire in his eyes turned them almost black. The noise of him lowering his zipper caused arousal to flood my senses, and suddenly I wanted him more than I’d ever wanted anything. Without warning, he grabbed my hand and I followed him into a huge, masculine bedroom. When we reached the extra large bed in the center of the room, he halted and turned my way.

“Finish undressing me, Lana.” He put my hand on the opening of his jeans. “I need to feel your hands on me.” He didn’t have to ask twice. I was eager to touch Joe, all of him, and if this was going to be our only night together, I was going to make the most of it.

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