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Welcome to chapter two of Hers to Claim.

Chapter Two


“Nice place.” Blake’s gaze moved around the small condo that was furnished in a style that fell somewhere between the tastes of a conservative accountant and his gypsy sister. He’d always thought of Lilly that way because she was on the wild side, especially in bed. The only thing that appeared to have changed since he saw her last was how she filled out her clothes. And he wasn’t going to complain on that score.

He liked her womanly curves, liked how her full tits filled his hands. He remembered how sweet her nipples were, and how sensitive Lilly was there. He’d had a hard-on since learning he’d be seeing her again. The memories of how bold she was in the bedroom flooded his senses. How eagerly her sweet mouth would suck his dick dry while her hands played with his balls. That short romp at the airport had done nothing to dampen his sexual appetite for her. “Let me show you to Ross’ room.”

Blake’s gaze fell to the provocative bounce of her ass, which was sexy as ever and barely covered by the torn cutoffs she was wearing. The half moons were more than a handful. There was a little more curve to her hips too. And her legs, he knew they went clear up to heaven. Shit! He reached down and tried to arrange his hard, aching shaft without being obvious. But it was impossible to push it back behind the zipper when it wanted to be pushing inside Lilly’s welcoming pussy again.

She was the only woman he’d ever lusted after. The only woman who knew how to fuck him to the point of total satisfaction and exhaustion. Shit, until he could hardly walk if he were honest. He grinned, wondering how long it would take to get her back into his bed. There was no way he was going to leave there that weekend without getting another piece of her sweet ass.

“I’ll get some clean sheets for the bed.” She flipped on the light. “Sorry but I didn’t really have a chance to clear any room for you in the closet. If you need to hang something just push Ross’ clothes aside.” She glanced at his case as if for the first time. “Tell me you don’t have your tux crammed in there.”

Blake shook his head. “Ross has arranged one for me.” As he stepped inside the room Lilly turned, and they briefly brushed up against each other. He hissed through his teeth when her full breasts slid across his chest. His nostrils flared. The feel of those hard little nipples raking across him reminded Blake how good it felt rolling them with his tongue, and how hot it made Lilly when he did it with his fingers inside her. It had been too long since he’d been fucked like that, since the last time he was with her to be exact. Hand jobs didn’t count. They relieved the sexual craving for the moment but there was nothing more satisfying than sliding his cock into the body of a warm and sexy woman. Only not any woman would do. Blake wanted Lilly and he had for a fucking long time.

He looked down at her. She was looking up at him. And for one crazy second it took all of Blake’s willpower not to say to hell with her damn wishes and lean into her until she was sandwiched between him and the wall. At the very least pull her to him and kiss the hell out of that smart mouth. When her full lips parted and the tip of her tongue came out he felt a bolt of electricity shoot straight to his hard-on. Had she done that on purpose?

The way he was feeling, it wouldn’t take much for him to take Lilly right there, standing against the damn doorjamb.

“Ah, there are clean towels in the closet in the bathroom for your shower. Make yourself to home.” Lilly turned, and as she was walking away said, “I’m going to get cleaned up and order pizza.”

Blake was glad when she was out of sight. A year of being gone hadn’t done anything to get the little witch out of his system. He had a feeling the only thing that was going to do that was to get between her legs again and ride her hard and furious, and more than once.

He opened up his duffel bag for his shaving kit and pajama bottoms. Damn, he was tired! He hadn’t slept more than ten hours the last three days and he was dead on his feet. But as he turned to go to the bathroom, he was still thinking of how hot Lilly’s ass looked in those cutoffs. He would rather go join her than shower alone.

Lilly was standing on the threshold, a smile on her face and a mischievous light twinkling in her pretty eyes. He found her disheveled appearance amusing. Blake wondered what she’d do if he were to reach for the clip in her hair. He’d like to see it against her shoulders, full of life like she was.

His gaze lowered to her tits. The outline of her nipples beneath her thin tee shirt reminded him that she wasn’t wearing a bra. He heard her slight sound of annoyance, grinned, and raised his gaze lazily up to hers.

“You can look all you want, Blake.” There was defiance in her tone and an underlying threat that said he’d better behave.

Lilly’s comment didn’t surprise him. She hadn’t changed a bit since he’d seen her last. Still full of piss and vinegar and determined to challenge him at every turn. Only a year ago it would have been a prelude to hot sex. He half expected her to lift up her shirt and tease him with the sight of her naked breasts. Damn…his cock jerked with growing excitement. As he stared into her eyes he decided to issue a threat of his own.

“I suggest you remember my sexual appetite, Lilly, and be warned. I can only take so much looking before I react.” He heard the words, and suddenly realized that he wasn’t kidding. He wanted Lilly, bad, and always had.

She’d been celebrating her eighteenth birthday when Blake first realized just how much he wanted her, when he finally lost control and took her virginity, spending a night showing her every sexual move he had. His hunger for her had scared him into leaving. She’d been too young at the time and he was afraid that he’d hurt her. He’d returned a year and a half later, his desire for her even stronger.

“I’ll change the bed for you while you’re in the shower.” She entered the room and went straight to the bed. “Just remember what I said earlier.” Her tone clearly dismissed him.

Blake didn’t know if he should be relieved or irritated, and decided the best way to cool the hunger burning in his loins was to take a cold shower. After that he’d down a couple beers, if she had any, and fall into bed.

* * * * *

Lilly surveyed her naked body in the bathroom mirror. She’d shaved, plucked, polished, spritzed herself down, and wondered why she’d gone to so much trouble. It wasn’t as if she had a hot date that night. Or that anything exciting was going to happen between her and Blake again. Though for a minute there, earlier, she’d been tempted to forget her own warning and jump his sexy bones, again. She giggled, visualizing the look on his rugged face when she’d jumped on him in the parking lot, wrapped her pussy around his hot cock and started humping him like a bitch in heat.

A cold shower hadn’t done anything to cool her blood. It had taken all she had not to take down the showerhead and use it on her throbbing clit. How many times over the last few months had she done that? Changed the settings so that the water would come out hard enough to make her come? Only now, with Blake there, she wanted him, not the showerhead.

She reached up and fluffed her damp hair. It was due for a cut, she liked it shorter. But she had to admit, falling to her shoulders it gave her face a softer, feminine look. Turning sideways, she took in the butterfly tattoo on the left cheek of her ass, and then surveyed the talk dirty to me across her lower back. After a day of wedding shopping with Jezzie, they’d both taken the dare. Jezzie’d had Ross’ name tattooed on her breast as a surprise for him on their wedding night. It was a good thing they’d made a pact to remain platonic the last month before the big day.

Lilly chuckled. It was a good thing she didn’t tattoo the names of her boyfriends on her body, because she’d never stuck with one for more than a month or two, sometimes just weeks. She always compared them to Blake and they just hadn’t measured up. Instead, she’d chosen the anonymous salute to Blake, who’d always ignited her hottest fantasies by talking dirty to her.

She slipped on her oversized nightshirt and followed it with a pair of bikini panties. She had no idea what she was going to find on the other side of her bedroom door.

“Hello, baby,” Lilly said to Romeo, as she picked him up and cuddled him against her chest. “Are you hungry?” He whined as if understanding her. “Me too.” Only she wasn’t hungry for food. She took him to the kitchen with her.

The pizza had been delivered while she’d been making Blake’s bed. The box was slightly open, so he must have helped himself to a piece. Lilly set Romeo down and got a bottle of wine from the fridge, a paper plate and a wineglass from the cupboard. Before she headed to the living room she decided she’d better feed Romeo.

“Is this an invitation through the back door?”

Lilly straightened from spooning Romeo’s food into his dish, aware of the view Blake was getting from his vantage point. She felt heat fill her cheeks, and her body’s reaction in her panties.

“Wow, you clean up nice. Smell good too.”

The big ox was grinning. Lilly’s gaze ran over him, noticing the changes. He was bare from the waist up, his well-developed chest and the muscles in his biceps catching her interest. She wanted to touch him, and take her time this time, recalling how hard his chest was. The next thing she noticed was the soft bulge behind his low-riding pajama bottoms, and her mouth went dry. She knew exactly what he could do with that impressive package.

Damn…he was one sexy stud and her observations were making her horny. Get a grip, Lilly! You can’t tell the man to leave you alone in one breath and then look at him like you want him for dinner. Once again she was creaming in her panties. How could she have thought one quick fuck would satisfy her hunger for him?

She took a deep breath to calm her racing heart. “Don’t get too excited. I didn’t do it for you.” She turned before he saw the truth in her eyes. Because deep down Lilly knew she was playing with fire. Tempting Blake with what she told him he couldn’t have.

“Hot and heavy date tonight?”

His voice sounded directly behind her—he’d followed her to the counter. Lilly wished she could tell him she did have a hot date. “Maybe.” Let him draw his own conclusions. She finished pouring the wine, picked up her plate and swung around. But that’s as far as she got. Two powerful arms imprisoned her when Blake slapped his palms against the counter on either side of her.

Lilly caught her breath and had to glance up a long way to meet the amusement swimming in his sensual eyes. “What do you think you’re doing, Blake?” The spicy scent of his body wash tantalized her, causing another flood of desire to pool between her legs. Damn…she had to get away from him before he caught the scent of her arousal.

“Remember the last time we were together?” Was he actually lowering his head?

Her eyes grew round, instinctively knowing he wasn’t talking about the airport parking lot. She’d never forget it. Panic began to set in. “Blake,” she warned, leaning against the unbending counter.

“Remember when we ran out of condoms and I had to fuck you in the ass?” He reached up and ran his thumb over her bottom lip. “You went off like fireworks on the Fourth of July.” His heavy-lidded gaze fell to her mouth. “We both did.”

Lilly shook her head no, but couldn’t deny the sharp explosion of lust that shot through her at his words. Awareness throbbed through her body, straight to her clit. “Blake, please.” Her nipples peaked into hard little crowns and tingled, her breasts swelled. She was trapped, had nowhere to turn, and her hands were full.

He ignored her pitiful tone and buried his nose in her hair. His lips brushed against her ear. “I like how wild you get when we’re screwing, Lilly.” His teeth tugged at her lobe. “I like how hot it makes you when my tongue is inside your pussy, lapping up your cream. But you know what I like most?” Slowly melting against the counter, all Lilly could do was shake her head weakly. “How good it feels with your mouth on my cock and balls. You have the sweetest mouth, Lilly.”

Lilly shuddered. “This isn’t fair.”

Blake leaned back to meet her eyes. “It’s okay for you to tease me, but I can’t tease you?”

Lilly was about to sink to the floor. “If I was a tease I would have come out here in something a little sexier than a big nightshirt, don’t you think?”

His chuckle held little humor. “Oh, baby. I open the bedroom door to a view of your tight little ass, barely covered in these little panties.” As he spoke he had the nerve to reach under Lilly’s shirt and finger the elastic at her hips. “And a tee shirt that says on the back, I like it from behind.” His finger continued around the edge of the elastic, causing Lilly to suck in her stomach. “This is a turn-on to a man who until today hadn’t had sex in thirteen months.”

“You expect me to believe that?” Lilly tried to make light of it, but deep inside she wanted to believe it. “They’re just words, a joke gift I got for my last birthday.” She’d forgotten all about the slogan on the back of her shirt, and she’d never in a million years admit that she did like it from behind. “My pizza is getting cold.”

Suddenly Blake’s eyes turned dark as polished stone. “Believe it, Lilly. And know that I intend to fuck you as many times as the opportunity allows this weekend.”

Oh my! His words and the visions they conjured, of all the different ways they could do it, enflamed Lilly. If her panties got much wetter her excitement would be dripping down her legs. Damn him! Who did he think he was? All she could do was stare into his eyes and wait for his next move, very much aware that his finger had moved between her legs, so close to her throbbing clit.

“You promised!” Hadn’t he?

A muscle twitched in his jaw. Lilly continued to stand there, aware she was challenging him. Excited by the raw desire etched on his fierce expression. And was a little disappointed when he slowly moved his arms and stepped back.

“I didn’t make any promises, Lilly. Go eat your damn dinner.”

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