Sunday, June 23, 2019

Sunday Selection

Chapter Four

An early riser by nature, Lilly carefully extracted herself from Blake’s long legs and slipped from the bed. Romeo was lying at the foot and opened one eye to give her a look. She patted his head on her way to the closet for a robe. Lilly had to wonder what his sleeping at the foot of the bed meant. Was this his way of saying he accepted Blake? She went to the kitchen and made a pot of coffee. Gave Romeo some fresh water and food and opened the fridge to see what she could offer Blake for breakfast. She doubted he’d like yogurt and a breakfast bar. Maybe he’d have her for breakfast. The thought brought a smile to Lilly’s face. She was sore, all over, from their passionate lovemaking all night long. But not enough to let it stop her if he put the moves on her again. So much for laying down the law. It hadn’t taken her long to cave.

She fixed herself a cup of coffee and opened the patio blinds to look out at her newly planted flowers. Leaning against the glass door, she recalled the night before. She didn’t regret making love with Blake. She loved him. But Lilly had to wonder what he was going to be like when he got up. Would he run away as he had in the past? He’d nearly broken her heart when, after a night filled with passion and exploration, she’d awakened to find him gone.

She’d hated him for a long time after that.

The phone rang and Lilly picked it up quickly, hoping it didn’t disturb Blake. “Hello?”

“Hey, sis. What’s up? Did you get Blake okay?”

“Yes, he’s here.”

“Thanks again. Can I speak with him?”

“He’s still sleeping. When are you coming home?”

Lilly could hear the smile in Ross’ tone when he said, “I’ll be leaving here about one o’clock. Jezzie’s going to pick me up. Can you do me one more favor?”

Lilly rolled her eyes and took a sip of her coffee. “What now?”

“Can you take Blake over to the bridal shop on Sycamore and pick up his tux? The shop will be closed by the time I get there and you know the wedding is tomorrow.”

She sighed. “I guess I can do that.” She had to go there herself and pick up her maid-of-honor gown. “Anything else?”

“Nope, that just about does it. This time tomorrow everything will be back to normal, kiddo.”

Lilly had serious doubts about that. “See you tonight at the rehearsal dinner.” She hung up the phone and glanced at the clock. She’d let Blake sleep a couple more hours and then wake him up.

* * * * *

Blake yanked the sheet back, left the bed and headed straight for the living room, instinct telling him that’s where he’d find Lilly. Besides, he could hear the morning news so he knew she was watching TV. The smell of coffee was noticeable and not unpleasant. He liked his coffee black and strong, but had a feeling he’d be drinking something nutty and sweet that morning.

It didn’t occur to Blake to put anything on. What did he have to hide? There were no secrets between him and Lilly. Hell, she’d shown him some things last night about himself that even he wasn’t aware of. Lilly was a little sex kitten when she was turned-on, and she wasn’t afraid to experiment. That erotic little move she’d done with the ice chips in her mouth had nearly given him heart failure. He’d be thinking about that for a long time to come.

He paused in the arched doorway leading to the living room when his eyes fell on Lilly. She was on the couch and had apparently fallen back to sleep. On her back, one leg bent at the knee, her arm across her forehead. The short robe she was wearing was cinched at the waist and split down the front to reveal she was naked beneath it. The sight of her creamy flesh made him hungry.

Movement from the corner of his eye drew his attention to the floor. Lilly’s cat walked by and jumped up on the sofa next to her. Lilly stirred slightly, stretched, and gradually opened her eyes.

“Good morning.” She smiled dreamily. “When did you get up?”

“Just now.” He watched her gaze drift down his body to his genitals. The little smile that formed on her pretty mouth reminded Blake how good she was at giving a blowjob. “You’ve come a long way from the little virgin I left behind.”

“You didn’t leave a virgin behind,” she reminded him. “I had more sex with you the night before you left than I’ve had all year.”

Well, he’d shown her the minute she’d turned eighteen, hadn’t he? Taking her virginity in the bed of his pickup truck, beneath a starlit sky. Then taking her home with him and locking them in the bedroom, he’d fucked her until they both couldn’t move. He’d skipped town after that, knowing that if he’d stayed he would have taken her every time the opportunity presented itself, like he wanted to do now.

Even now his cock was swelling under her gaze. And the saucy little witch giving him the itch just smiled wider and opened her robe in silent invitation. She brought her hands up and cupped her tits, playing with her nipples until they were hard. Then one hand glided down her beautiful body to her pussy. Blake sucked in a breath when she slipped a finger inside and purred like a wildcat.

A hungry wildcat.

He clenched his teeth and fell upon her. She parted her thighs and allowed him to slip his shaft inside her welcoming body. Her purr turned into a low groan of obvious pleasure and she clamped her teeth into the side of his neck.

“Fuck, babe.” He growled and kept on pumping. “I can’t seem to get enough of you,” He raised his hips and brought them down again, forcing Lilly deeper into the soft leather of the couch.

“Then that’s two of us,” Lilly admitted, raising her hips to meet his thrusts. “Fuck me faster, Blake.” Her words fueled the fire in his blood and he picked up speed. “Fuck me harder.”

He needed no further coaxing. There was no time for finesse. No time for caressing. They were both already there. He brought them to quick release and slammed his mouth down on hers to swallow her cry.

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