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Sunday Selection

Chapter Three

Lilly was on the verge of falling asleep when she heard a loud pounding at the front door, then the muffled sound of someone yelling. Her eyes shot to the alarm clock on the dresser. The clock’s illuminated face revealed it was almost twelve. Who in the world would be calling at this hour? She pulled back the covers to go see.

At the front door she pulled back the curtain, her eyes rounding when she made out her ex-boyfriend’s face. He didn’t notice her and pounded again at the door, hollering for her to let him in. The only reason Lilly opened the door was because she didn’t want him disturbing her neighbors, giving them cause to call the police. She had no intention of letting Jimmy inside, but as soon as she cracked the door he pushed his way in.

“Jimmy, what are you doing here?” Lilly stepped out of his way. It was either that or be run over by him. She could smell the alcohol on him when he breezed by her. Her eyes rounded. “I didn’t invite you in.”

“Too bad, because I’m here.” His gaze raked over her, and something in his drunken eyes made the hair on the back of Lilly’s neck stand up. She’d never seen Jimmy this way. “I’ve missed you, baby.”

He surprised Lilly by grabbing her into his arms. She stiffened and tried to squirm free, but even drunk Jimmy easily overpowered her, ripping her tee shirt in the process. “I want you to leave.” Lilly’s hands moved to his chest to push him away. “We’ll talk when you’re sober.”

“What’s wrong with now?” His alcohol-laced breath was nauseating and Lilly turned her face. “Damn, you smell good.”

“Well, you don’t! You’re drunk and it’s late, Jimmy. Get out of here before—” she’d been about to say before he woke Blake, but he lowered his head and tried to kiss her. Lilly strained away from his encroaching lips. “No, Jimmy!”

“How about saying ‘yes, Jimmy’ for a change?” His hand was painful against Lilly’s jaw as he tried to force her around.

“How about you get the fuck out, like she asked?” It was Blake’s voice, and Lilly recognized the tone well. He was furious.

He grabbed the back of Jimmy’s collar and hauled him away from Lilly as if he was but a rag doll. “You need to leave…now.”

“What the fuck! Who the hell are you?” Jimmy’s accusing gaze flew back to Lilly. “You cheating bitch! You’ve been spreading your legs for him and saying no to me the whole time!”

Lilly pulled her tee shirt up to cover her exposed shoulder, thankful Blake had intervened. She watched the brief struggle between them. Blake took a punch to his mouth but it barely fazed him. He forced Jimmy’s head into the wall, and didn’t give the other man a chance to slink to the floor. He literally tossed a dazed and stumbling Jimmy out the door. Jimmy had been no match for Blake and the scuffle was over before it began.

Slamming the door shut and locking it, Blake swung back to her. She’d never seen him looking so fierce before. His chest was heaving with his actions and his hands were clenched into fists at his side. He looked almost…savage. His expression frightened Lilly.

And it excited the hell out of her.

“You okay?”

Lilly nodded. His gaze raked over her anyway, narrowing on the rip at her shoulder. She smiled shakily. “Thanks for your help.” The sound of a car starting outside was probably Jimmy taking off. “He’s still upset over our breakup.”

“Enough to force himself on you.”

“I don’t think Jimmy would have gone that far.”

“Don’t underestimate what the combination of anger and alcohol can make a man do, Lilly.”

She stood there silently, and pressed her lips together. What could she say to that? Then she noticed the blood on the corner of his mouth and decided changing the subject was in order. “Calm down, you’ve been wounded. Come with me.” Lilly made a beeline for the kitchen and the first-aid kit beneath the sink. She didn’t hear Blake behind her, but she sensed his presence. “Take a seat and I’ll fix you right up.”

“This isn’t necessary.”

Lilly glanced back to see him pulling out one of the chairs at the small eat-in nook. He reached up to explore the cut on his lip.

“Oh, let me play doctor just this once, Blake. It will make me feel better.” She tossed him a wink. “Haven’t you ever played doctor before?”

“Once or twice,” he chuckled. “Does this mean you’ll show me yours if I show you mine?”

“I’ve already seen yours.” Crap! Lilly bit down on her bottom lip. Mindful of her short nightshirt, she carefully bent to retrieve the medical kit her overcautious brother had insisted they keep in the house.

“This won’t hurt.” She turned back to Blake, who was watching her with a lazy look. She wondered what he was thinking. A sudden heat infused her, the situation between them seemed domestic. There he was, sitting in her kitchen half-naked, here she was, in nothing but a torn nightshirt that had slipped off her left shoulder and a pair of bikini panties. She hiked the shirt back up, and scowled at his crooked grin.

Placing the kit on the table next to him, she opened it and dug around for some antiseptic wipes, antibiotic cream and…she paused and glanced at his mouth. It was smooth and firm, and too damned sensual.

He must have noticed her concern. “What?”

“It just occurred to me that I won’t be able to put a bandage on it.”

“Why don’t you cover it with something else?”

Their eyes met and held. Like my mouth?

Instead, Lilly played it safe, ignoring his comment and the warmth it caused. She ripped open an antiseptic wipe, dredged up some courage and took a firm grip of his firmer jaw. As she brought the wipe up to his mouth she moved in closer. Blake had a beautiful, sensual mouth, and she tried not to recall all the wonderful things it was capable of. Several visuals from their last night together came to mind. And her body remembered too.

“I think you’ll live.” Lilly was careful as she dabbed at the cut. It wasn’t all that bad, once the blood was removed. She sensed Blake’s quiet scrutiny as she worked, but she refused to acknowledge it. She had enough on her mind. Like ignoring her tingling nipples, the flutter of arousal in her belly, and the inferno racing through her blood. It occurred to her that she was fighting a losing battle. The chemistry between them was too strong to resist. It always had been. She felt her shirt slip off her shoulder again.

She held her breath when Blake reached up and outlined the spot where the shirt had come to a stop just below her shoulder. His finger left a trail of fire where he touched her. “Look at me, Lilly.” His tone was low and sexy. Different than before. The sexual undercurrents in his voice warned her he was aroused.

“I’m almost done.” There was no way she could ignore where she was standing. Somehow when she’d moved closer to Blake he’d parted his thighs and she’d moved inadvertently between them. Now she was right up against where his zipper would be. His cock—big, strong, and pulsing against her belly—was a force to be reckoned with. Lilly thought it best to pretend she didn’t notice, even while struggling with the urge to reach inside his pajama bottoms and touch him. She knew how hot his flesh would feel, and how strong it would throb with her fingers wrapped around it. He made her hungry.

“There, all done.” She met Blake’s eyes briefly before stepping back.

“Not quite.” He pulled her back against him sharply.

Lilly caught her breath. Their eyes met and held for a long time. His smoldering look caused several things to happen to her simultaneously. All of them to do with heat and arousal and the need to find out how far she could make Blake go before he’d forget her warning and do what he wanted to her.

What they both wanted.


All at once his hands were in her hair, gripping it tightly. “Screw your damn rules, Lilly, I need this, and so do you.” The hunger in his eyes mesmerized her, sucking her in. It didn’t occur to her to resist. “I need you.”

As Blake slowly drew her down to him she put her hands on his shoulders to keep from falling forward. “I hate you.” Tears filled her eyes as she was overcome with emotion. Why couldn’t he see how much she loved him?

He jerked to a halt with obvious surprise, and then chuckled. And before Lilly could draw another breath Blake slammed his mouth down on hers and everything went crazy.

They attacked each other as if they were animals and this was their first source of nourishment in a long time. Their mutual hunger and satisfaction echoed throughout the kitchen as their tongues jabbed and explored the secret hollows of their mouths. Lilly lost control and bit down on Blake’s sexy bottom lip, then soothed the pain away by gently sucking it into her mouth. Her hand left his shoulder and caressed down his body to where his cock jutted out, asking for attention.

Lilly eagerly caressed the length before moving beneath to his balls. She cupped the twin sacs, which were full and tight against his body. His reaction was to grind his shaft against her belly and put his open mouth against her throat. She shivered wildly, the breath leaving her body in heavy pants.

“Oh, baby.” Blake groaned, thrusting against her body as though he was inside.

Lilly moaned deeply and pressed back against him, hungry for the feel of his shaft against her. Blake’s hands slid down to her hips and thighs before slipping beneath her shirt and coming back up against bare skin. His touch set fire to her flesh and intensified her desire. Her hands began to roam over the naked half of his upper body, and she started to kiss her way down his neck and over his shoulders. All the while she pushed encouragingly against his hard flesh.

She felt his hands smooth over her bottom, where he paused and gave her a gentle squeeze. His tenderness fueled her memory of their first time together, and the only time he’d been a gentle lover. Losing her virginity had been a pleasurable experience of tenderness and passion, but it had readied Lilly for the beast inside Blake. Once unleashed, there was only one way to satisfy him.

Blake didn’t like soft and easy. He liked it hard and rough.

The hands at her hips pushed her back enough so that Blake could tug her tee shirt up and take a breast in his mouth. He loved both of them with his mouth and tongue. Taking a taut nipple between his teeth, he carefully savaged it before tonguing the brief pain away. Lilly cried out with pain and pleasure and arched hungrily into him, silently demanding more. Warm liquid escaped the lace covering her mound and ran down the inside of her thighs as he repeated the extreme pleasure on her other nipple.

Her nails dug into the flesh of his shoulders. She rolled her head back and thrust her dripping pussy toward him. Groaning roughly, Blake seemed to know exactly what she wanted. While one hand moved to her back to support her, his mouth loving her breasts, his other hand slipped between her thighs. He gave a sharp tug and the lace was gone. Finally Lilly felt him where she wanted him. And when his finger parted her swollen folds and flicked across her engorged clit, her legs turned to rubber and she nearly collapsed.

“Oh god!”

“Easy, baby.” He held her on her feet with little effort. “Shit, Lilly, you’re hot and wet already.”

Lilly laughed softly. “What did you expect?” Again his finger flicked across her clit, and then glided smoothly inside her, going deep. Desire burned in his eyes when he removed his finger and brought it toward his face. It was an incredibly sexy moment. Their gazes clung to each other, Lilly caught her breath. Watching as Blake’s nostrils flared, taking in the scent of her excitement.

“I need a taste, baby.”

Her eyes rounded at his sudden move. She was forced back when he stood. Only he didn’t allow her to go far. Without warning her tee shirt was torn from her body and she was completely naked before him. Then his hands were at her waist and Blake lifted her to the table. Before she could question him, if she had wanted to, he slid his hands beneath her bottom and pulled her up to meet his lowering mouth.

Ohmygod! His hot mouth seemed to engulf her whole pussy, and then his tongue was moving over her clit and tunneling into her pussy until it was buried deep inside her body. Lilly whimpered with pleasure as he began to work it in and out of her like a ramming cock. She couldn’t stop the movement of her hips as she thrust against his attacking mouth. His hands were beneath her, squeezing her ass. When he sucked her clit into his mouth, her whole body nearly left the table.

“Blake! Oh…god…” The excitement spiraling through her body warned Lilly that a climax was building fast. Her heart was racing wildly, her breathing loud and harsh. “Oh god…” She wished she could reach him, but could only lie there and enjoy what he was doing.

Almost as soon as it began Blake halted and pulled away. Lilly protested with a loud sound of disappointment. Panting for breath, Blake stared down at her while he removed his pajama bottoms. She lowered her gaze to his magnificent cock, which seemed to have a life of its own. Throbbing strongly as it reached out for her. Lilly could barely wait for it to be inside her.

“I’m on the Pill, Blake. I’m clean.”

He hesitated, as if digesting her comment. Then, without words, dragged Lilly until her butt was on the edge of the table. Taking his shaft in his hand, he guided it to the opening of her slit. She held her breath, waiting for penetration. And wasn’t disappointed when he thrust forward sharply, tunneling his cock inside her until it could go no farther. With a low groan Lilly wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled him in, intensifying the pressure against her.

“Fuck! You’re just as tight as I remember,” Blake grated with obvious pleasure. He shuddered. “Almost as tight as your sweet little ass.” He kissed her. “I want to take my time with you, Lilly, but a year of missing this is going to make that impossible.”

What? Lilly couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Had he been thinking about her all this time too? She didn’t have time to question Blake because he began to move like a man with little control. Fast, furious, and greatly satisfying. He filled her to capacity. And every time he entered her body his cock brushed over her swollen clit and Lilly released a sound of utter fulfillment. She tightened her muscles around his plunging shaft, and was rewarded by his low, animal groan.

“Oh, baby!” His hands caressed her breasts. “That feels good!” He continued to pound into her.

Blake paused long enough to take his penis by the hand and run the tip up and down Lilly’s pussy lips and sensitive clit. She shuddered, cried out, and reached for him. “I need to touch you.” His flesh was hot as a poker and felt like steel encased in soft velvet. Lilly ran her hand from the glistening tip to the base in a slow caress, marveling at her power to make him shudder. Pre-cum fell from the slit on the head of his penis onto her finger. Their eyes glazed and, clinging to him, she brought the finger to her mouth. Her lips closed over her finger as she enjoyed the taste of his cum.

“Lilly…” Blake shuddered.

“Relax, big boy. I’ve been dreaming about tasting this again.” He groaned when her fingers brushed beneath his balls. “I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wakened during the night, horny and wishing that you were there.” She caressed the length of his cock again. “My finger is a poor substitute for this.”

That did it. It was obvious she’d pushed Blake over the edge with her words. A savage groan escaped his throat and he brushed Lilly’s hand off his cock and slammed into her at the same time. They moved against each other, two untamed animals striving for the same climactic explosion. Lilly screamed when she climaxed. Blake followed close behind. Gripping her hips, he held her tightly to him when release claimed him. They shuddered weakly against each other, and when their bodies were spent, collapsed in a heap upon the table.

As Blake strived to catch his breath, Lilly felt his shrinking flesh slip out, and wondered where they went from there.

* * * * *

Blake figured about five minutes had passed but he was still too weak to move. Lilly had always had the power to drain him completely. He’d never met another woman who came close.

There was something about making love with her that affected him on all levels, and had since the very beginning. She’d been his only virgin. Blake supposed that might contribute to his possessive feelings toward her. Oh, he didn’t doubt Lilly had an active dating, if not sex, life. Ross had dropped a line or two about who she was seeing at one time or another. Blake hadn’t liked the idea of Lilly with another man, but he’d had no claim on her. That was going to change before he left again. He’d thought leaving would dim his memory of her and allow her time to grow up and experience the world.

All it had accomplished was showing him how much he wanted her in his life.


“I know you’re still alive.” Lilly’s sassy tone drew a smile. “I thought you had more stamina than that.” She thrust her pussy against his loins.

That sounded like a challenge. Blake pulled back far enough to meet the humor swimming in her eyes. “Be careful what you wish for, little girl.” He lowered his gaze to the full breasts he was smashing with his chest. He liked the feel of her hard nipples digging into his flesh. The scent of spent sex was strong about them, and very arousing.

“There’s nothing wrong with my stamina.”

“Oh?” Lilly laughed softly. “If you say so.” Her tone clearly said she didn’t believe it, though.

The little witch! Never one to turn down a challenge, Blake stood back, pulled her from the table by the arm and slung her over his shoulder.

“Oh! Just what do you think you’re doing?”

“I wouldn’t want to disappoint a lady.” He headed for her bedroom. “I hope you like the view from there.” He heard her chuckle and slapped her ass. “Nice butterfly tat.”

“Ouch!” She stiffened against him. Her sharp tone revealed he’d caught her by surprise. “Do that again and I’ll—”

“You’ll what?” Blake slapped her pretty little butterfly. “A good spanking is exactly what this tight little ass needs.”
He liked the feel of her naked tits against the back of his shoulders, her wet pussy rubbing against his chest. Her cute butt was close enough to bite, but spanking it instead was just as much of a turn-on. He had a serious itch for her and if nothing else that weekend he was going to fuck Lilly enough times to assuage his raging need for her.

His dick was already swelling with the thought of another wild romp. He brought his hand down on her bare ass again, harder this time. Blaming her for the constant hard-on he’d had all year.

“Ouch! Damn it, Blake…”

He laughed, sat down on the edge of her bed, and arranged Lilly so that she was across his knees. He noticed the other tattoo. “‘Talk dirty to me.’ I remember how you like that.”

“Why do you think I had it tattooed across my back?”

“For me? I’m flattered.” He gave her a playful nip.


She twisted, as he’d known she would, and he brought his hand down across the cheek that already had the imprint of his palm on it. “This is going to turn me on more than it’s going to you.”

A snort of laughter escaped her as if against her will. “And what have I done to deserve a spanking?”

“Thirteen months, two weeks and five days of wet dreams.” Blake slapped her. She stiffened then wiggled, and he draped his arm over her waist to hold her in place. “Thirteen months, two weeks and five days of wanting the best piece of ass I’ve ever had.” Another slap, this time on the other cheek.

“Damn you, that’s your fault, Blake. You could have stayed here and screwed me as many times as you wanted.”
Yeah, it was his fault and he was taking it out on her sweet flesh. But Blake could tell Lilly was getting turned-on. The little sounds she made each time his hand touched her flesh had turned into mewling whimpers. She was squirming against him, but not in an effort to get away. He laughed. “This one is for swearing.” Blake slapped her again and again, watching her flesh turn scarlet. His cock was hard as a rock between his legs and rubbing against her.

"Bully!” Lilly gasped, straining toward his organ. She was trembling, her thighs quivering. The tone of her voice was less sharp and more breathless.

Blake became mesmerized with the sight of her red bottom, recalling the last time he’d seen it. She’d been bent over and he’d been screwing the hell out of it. “This one is for good measure.” She clenched her butt, sensing when his hand was about to come down. “This one is for clenching your ass.” Down went his hand, with less force this time.

Staring at her flaming flesh turned Blake on more than he’d thought possible. This time his hand was gentle upon her cheek, smoothing over her hot skin, his fingers dipping into secret territory. Lilly sighed and raised her butt, encouraging him to go deeper. He smiled, and then his gaze landed on the glass of water on her bedside table. He reached into it for an ice chip. Without warning he dropped it on her scarlet flesh.

“Oh!” After her initial shock was over a sound of relief left her. Blake smoothed the tiny fragment over her bottom, surprised at how fast it melted away. Cold water trickled between her legs and he couldn’t help but wonder at how good that must feel on her hot pussy. Soon though, Lilly was pushing her hips down in an obvious effort to reach the hard-on between his legs.

Grinning, Blake spread his legs slightly so he was more accessible to her. He couldn’t focus on anything other than the brush of her damp mound over the head of his cock. And when he couldn’t take her wiggling anymore, he pulled Lilly up and onto the bed with him.

“I think I had a mini-orgasm.” Their eyes met. Hers were slightly glazed, her cheeks flushed with color. She was breathing heavy.

Mindful of her sore bottom, Blake lay back and pulled her down on top of him. His fingers twisted into her hair and he kissed her long and hard, thrusting his tongue deep inside her mouth while arching the lower half of his body against hers. He wanted her again.

“You tend to bring out the beast in me,” he said once their kiss ended. “I’m going to fuck you raw, but first, I want your mouth on me.”

“You’ve missed this.” Scooting back, she took his stiff shaft into her hand and lowered her mouth onto it. Blake closed his eyes and groaned. He thrust his hips, forcing his cock deeper into her mouth. The back of her throat brushed against the head, adding further stimulation to his sensitive flesh.

She pulled away long enough to ask, “Do you like my mouth on your cock, Blake?”

“You know I do.”

Lilly used her tongue as if she was licking a lollipop, running it along the length of his shaft in one long, slow caress. Then she was licking his balls, causing his thighs to quiver uncontrollably as he tried to hold on to his control. He didn’t question when she moved away. Her hand was on him and that was all that mattered. She was back before he could comprehend what was going on.

“You know what I like?”

Though his eyes were still closed, her soft inquiry should have been a warning. But all he did was murmur, “What, baby?”

“I like your cock in my ass.” She kissed his shaft.

“Fucking hell!” He almost came right then. It took a second after her mouth engulfed him for Blake to realize she had several ice chips in it. The combination of ice and heat against his shaft caused his heart rate to hit the roof. He buried his hands into her hair as his basic instincts took over. And before long he was groaning, losing control and coming like a volcano inside Lilly’s sweet mouth.

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