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Chapter 5


Rachel was vaguely aware of someone joining her in bed, but she was too tired to let it draw her completely awake. Soon pleasant warmth moved against her backside, an arm slipped over her, and she was nestled in the cradle of male hips.

Warm lips tickled her ear. “Are you sleeping beauty or little red riding hood?”

She smiled upon hearing James’ low voice, keeping her eyes closed. “That all depends. Are you the handsome prince or the hungry wolf?” She burrowed closer against his body.

“Definitely the hungry wolf.”His teeth tugged playfully on her lower ear.

“I was hoping you’d say that.” Rachel started to roll but he easily kept her against him.

“Go back to sleep, beautiful. It’s late.”

She moaned, not needing much encouragement. If he could go to sleep with a hard-on, so could she.




Rachel stirred early the next morning. It took her a moment to get her bearings and to understand that she was in a strange bed, and why. Gradually, as everything that had happened the day before came back to her, she smiled and stretched deliciously, rubbing her butt against James soft cock. It hadn’t all been a dream! For the first time in a long time, she woke feeling sexually satisfied and whole, unlike the many mornings after suffering through a night of erotic, unfulfilled dreams.

James was holding her close against his naked body. His soft breathing stirred the hair at the back of her neck and sent goose bumps down her body. When is the last time I woke up with a sexy man in my bed? Not just any man, but the one she really wanted. How was she ever going to go back to the way things were? She remembered his words from the night before. Something about not giving her up anytime soon, but what did that mean?

It didn’t take long before Rachel felt movement against her bottom. Is James still asleep?

Deciding to find out, she gently thrust back, enjoying the feel of his dick as it lengthened and hardened against her. It felt like a hot poker, branding her where it touched. Her body responded, tingling in all the right places. Gradually his hand began to move over her breast, shaping it with his palm while thumbing her nipple. A current of electricity zinged from her nipple straight down to her clit, so strong that it drew a gasp from her.

James’ mouth closed over her earlobe. He nibbled on it gently, and traced her ear with his tongue. His hot breath caused Rachel to shudder. The sensation in her clit intensified and throbbed like a heartbeat.

“When did you come to bed?” she asked softly.

“Just a few hours ago. Business took longer than I’d planned.” He kissed a spot behind her ear. “The downside of owning your own company.”

“I missed you.”

Rachel sighed blissfully when his hand smoothed down her belly, pausing at the top of her pelvic bone. She tried to urge him lower, squirming against his probing cock to make him lose control. Couldn’t he feel her need? Maybe he wasn’t as horny as she was. Well, she would take care of that. Placing her hand over his, she guided him between her legs. She opened to him and positioned his palm over the opening of her pussy, and then squeezed her legs closed.

James’ breath grew uneven. He thrust his cock against Rachel, at the same time slipping a finger inside her, just as she wanted. She moaned with pleasure and moved her hips.

“Damn, you’re already wet for me,” he grated against her ear. “I can’t wait to slide my cock in you.”

His passion-laced tone caused a tiny explosion inside her. Rachel felt herself creaming around his finger. James teased her until her insides were pulsing with desire. He took time to toy with her clit, too, flicking his thumb over the hard, little nub. She began to quiver wildly, hungry for him to penetrate her pussy with something more substantial than his finger.

“James…,” she gasped when he hit a particular spot. What was that? “Oh damn!” She started to shake, the intense yet pleasurable feeling washing over her like nothing she had experienced before.

“What baby?” He was steady pumping his penis against the cheeks of her butt.

Rachel laughed, but it held little humor. “I don’t know. I think, I think you found my G-spot!” Whatever it was, it was highly sensitive and gave her great pleasure.

Now he was laughing. “Don’t tell me that’s a first for you.”

But it was. “Oh God.”His finger stopped deep inside Rachel, giving special attention to a spot in the upper wall of her vagina. “Yes! Ohmygod, fuck, that’s it!” She cried out, trembling passionately. “Right there! Damn that feels good! Don’t stop!””

James teased and tormented Rachel a little longer until finally putting her out of her misery. He pulled her onto her back and mounted her. She was panting and gyrating beneath him, and arched her hips off the bed when he thrust his cock forward, impaling her. He shuddered, groaning deep and low.

“Fuck!” He began to move immediately. While he worked up his speed, he kissed and sucked his way from Rachel’s mouth to her quivering breasts. She cried out when he made love to them, pulling and tugging on them with his teeth until her nipples were big and hard as berries.

He moved back up her body, and touched his lips to hers. “I like fucking you. You’re so tight and responsive.” He kissed Rachel passionately. His hands moved over her body, rough at times and gentle at others.

Rachel held nothing back, loving James just as thoroughly. She touched him wherever she could, running her hands over his hard frame, exploring muscles that twitched beneath her caresses. Her path took her over his broad shoulders, down his powerful arms, and up his smooth back. She checked out his well-defined butt and clenched her nails into his flesh, urging him to fuck her harder.

“Fuck me harder, James,” Rachel said between kisses. “Fuck me faster!”

With a grunt, James began to pound in and out of her body, like a jackhammer on concrete. They were breathing heavily. Rachel was on the pinnacle of coming and sensed he was too. A small scream escaped her when an exploding climax claimed her, showing no mercy. As she convulsed against James and squeezed his cock, he came forcefully too. They clung to one another until finally he relaxed against her.

It seemed like a long time went by in which they lay that way, against one another, struggling to catch their breath, both glistening with moisture from their exertions. James’ head was on Rachel’s shoulder and her arms were holding him close. She jerked when he slipped out of her, feeling an emptiness that went all the way to her soul. He raised his head to meet her eyes.

“You’re putting my stamina to the test.” He was grinning.

Rachel returned his smile. “Having a hard time keeping up?”

He kissed her roughly. “Hell, no. I’m having a hard time keeping my hands off you.” He framed her face with his hands. “And my lips.” He kissed her.

Rachel arched her hips into him. “What about this?” Meaning his cock.

“Definitely that.” James kissed her again as if he couldn’t help himself. “Do you have plans for this weekend? Any other dates I have to worry about?”

Rachel thought about his question for a moment. “That date was a blind date set up by my sister and her boyfriend. That reminds me, I had better phone Luna before she calls our mother, who in turn will notify the police, FBI, and the National Guard. And no, I don’t have any plans.”

“Good. You do now.”

“Oh? You sound awfully sure of yourself.”

His laugh was sexy as hell, and the confident glitter in his eyes mesmerized Rachel.

“Baby, we’re going to spend this weekend getting to know one another. I have a yacht we can take out to the middle of nowhere, just you and me. We already know the sex between us is dynamite, but that’s not the only thing two people should have.”

Rachel remained quiet, a little surprised by what he was saying. She hoped she was reading it right because it sounded like James wanted a relationship with her. “What if we don’t like what we discover? We just, ah, continue with the dynamite sex?”

“You wouldn’t like that, honey. When I’m with a woman, she is the only woman I am with. A strictly sexual relationship leaves the door open for, ah, indiscretions. And I doubt you’ll enjoy sharing me anymore than I would enjoy sharing you.”


“Oh.” He kissed Rachel on the nose. “So what do you say we get a shower, a quick bite to eat, and head down to the marina?”

“I think I’d like to get to know you.”

“Good.” James rolled off Rachel and got to his feet.

Her eyes ate him up. She couldn’t believe he was finally hers. And it appeared he wanted her and not just her body. Happiness filled Rachel. She accepted the hand he offered her and let him pull her to her feet. His gaze roamed down her body and back up again just as she had done. The next thing she knew he reached forward, wrapped an arm around her waist, and pulled her up against him.

“You have a damn beautiful body. I get aroused just looking at it.”

“You’re not so bad yourself,” Rachel said. “I have a question, James--what happens if we don’t like what we discover about each other?”

He didn’t even hesitate. “Then we start over, honey. I don’t give up that easy.”

Rachel liked the sound of that. When he lowered his face, she opened her mouth in anticipation of his kiss. His mouth moved against hers firmly, coaxingly, passionately.

Promising tomorrow and maybe beyond.


The End

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