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Chapter 4


“Wake up, sleeping beauty.”

The voice seemed to be coming from a long way off, delving deeply into Rachel’s unconscious and disrupting the hot dream she was having. She moaned her annoyance and tried to burrow deeper into the blankets, too tired to open her mouth and tell whomever it was to go away. Just as she settled back into her dream, she felt the covers pulled from her.

“Do I need to kiss you awake?”

Not yet aware of where she was she nodded her head. “Hummm, yes,” she mumbled, not opening her eyes.

Warm lips covered hers. But it was the hand on her breast that brought her into full awareness. The afternoon’s events came crashing back and she wrapped her arms around James’s neck and pulled him down to her. She felt his smile against her mouth when he lost his balance. Then the kiss deepened and they were both moaning. Rachel squirmed beneath him, arching her back so he had better access to her naked breasts. He needed no encouragement to caress both globes, before letting his hand trail down her body to a more intimate spot.

“Damn. I want to fuck you again. You’re like a drug.” He kissed her nipple, then lost control and sucked her breast into his warm mouth.

“I’m not complaining,” Rachel murmured, straining against him. “You can finish what you started in my dream.”

His mouth-trailed fire down Rachel’s body but her pussy was as far as he went. He kissed it and got to his feet, glancing down at her.

“Come on, sweetheart. We can’t live on sex alone. Let’s eat and then talk.”

Rachel let him pull her to her feet. He was still naked and seemed to have no problem parading around in front of her. If he can do it, I can. Only she chickened out at the last second and grabbed for the sheet, wrapping it around her. With her gaze on his nice butt she followed, him through a door that she thought led to a closet, but turned out to be a tiny kitchen area. It was equipped with all the modern conveniences. Only instead of a table, there was a small island bar with two stools on each side.

“Wow. You ordered food in?” She was ravenous! Eyeing the grilled chicken breast, rice, and spring greens salad caused her belly to rumble.

“Hell, no! I fixed it myself. I told you, this place is off limits. No one other than my personal secretary knows about this apartment. I have very few places I can go and be alone when I need to.” He indicated a chair in front of a place setting. “Wine?”

“Yes, please.” Rachel sat and watched as he poured them each a glass. “So, what does knowing about this apartment mean for me? Do you handcuff me to the bed and keep me a prisoner here?”

James handed her a glass with amusement in his eyes. “Don’t think I haven’t had that thought,” he admitted. “Something tells me I don’t have to worry about you.” He sat down opposite of her.

“You don’t really know anything about me.” Rachel took a drink. “I might be dangerous.”

“Is that so?” His gaze roamed over the sheet she had tucked between her breasts. “You’re definitely dangerous to my libido.”

Rachel was glad the bar covered him from the waist down, and was equally thankful she had thought to cover up her nudity with a sheet. The sudden vision of them fucking on the counter top came out of nowhere and renewed her arousal. Had she suddenly become a nymphomaniac?

“I have a hundred and ninety-seven employees working for me. I make it my business to know everything I need to know about them,” he continued.

Rachel knew about the background checks and the lie detector tests. What else was there? “So what do you know about me?” She took a bite of salad.

James swallowed a mouthful of food before responding. “Let’s see . . . I know you’re particular with the men you choose. You live in a nicely furnished condo with your younger sister. You love animals. And your bra size is 36-D.” He took a drink. “I know I like fucking you.”

Rachel felt a hot blush fill her cheeks. His blunt comment went straight to her tingling pussy. He didn’t mince words.

“You’re a very desirable woman, Rachel. I decided to make you mine a long time ago.”

“You certainly took your time,” she said, unable to ignore the fresh wetness between her thighs. She pretended to show interest in the chicken on her plate, but the silence stretching between them made her raise her gaze to his again.

“I can be patient when I want something worth waiting for.” He took a drink, his eyes remaining on hers over the rim of the glass. “And you were well worth the wait.”

“Well, you’ve had me, now what?”

“That depends.”

“On what?”

“On you and what you want.”

Rachel glanced down, wondering that herself.

“Why don’t you start out by being honest?”

She took a deep breath and put down her fork. “Okay. I’ve had a crush on you since almost the first day I started here, when I glanced up and fell head first into those blue eyes. Ever since then I’ve gone out of my way not to notice whenever you were around. Then I started having, ah, dreams about you.” She looked James squarely in the eyes. “Erotic dreams. I developed a serious itch for you.”

“What kind of erotic dreams?” He took a drink, keeping his gaze trained on her.

His expression was hard to read Rachel had the strong feeling that he liked what she’d admitted. “Kind of like what we’ve just spent the last couple of hours doing.”

“And has your itch been scratched?”

Rachel lowered her gaze to her plate. If she said yes, that could mean the end of their delicious sexual encounters. If she said no, he might take it as an insult that he hadn’t satisfied her, when just the opposite was true. She had to be careful because one thing she knew was that she enjoyed sex with James, and she wanted more. Then she recalled his comment about being honest.

Maybe she raised her chin a little too high, and maybe her tone was a little on the defiant side, but she wanted James to know she wasn’t afraid of the truth, even if it might cost her what she wanted in the end. “The itch has been somewhat scratched, for now.”

“Is that a challenge?” One brow rose higher than the other did. “I thought I told you before that I never leave a woman hungry.”

The thought of him with other women rubbed her the wrong way. She wanted to be the only one he was banging up against the elevator wall or taking from behind in the shower stall. For over three years she had seen him with a dozen beautiful women, so it was obvious he had a short attention span. She wondered how long she would last. Should I tell him now that my favorite flower is the Iris?

“I know you have stamina.” Rachel finished her wine.

James leaned over the space separating them. “Just because they’re hanging on my arm doesn’t mean they’ve been in my bed. Believe me, there haven’t been that many.”

How did he know what she was thinking? She was saved from coming up with a clever response when his phone began to ring. Completely at ease with his nudity, he turned and retrieved a cell from the counter next to the sink.

“Yeah?” He swung back to Rachel. “What the hell do you mean the contract wasn’t signed?!” He listened to the person at the other end for a moment. “No. I’ve decided to stay in town tonight.” A frown appeared between his brows. “You’ve got one minute to explain how that happened.” His words were firm and edged with anger. Rachel was seeing how ruthless James could be when it involved business. “What time is it now? Okay, I’ll meet you in ten.” He flipped his phone closed and tossed it on the counter.

By the whitening of his mouth, he was more than annoyed. “Sorry.”

“You don’t look happy. Bad news?”

 “Something that was supposed to be taken care of before closing today.” His tone revealed it didn’t bode well for whoever had forgotten. “Now I have to see to it.”

Rachel followed him back into the bedroom. She silently watched him slip into his pants, and they exchanged a brief smile when he carefully zipped them up. He slipped his feet into leather slippers and reached for his shirt.

“I guess I should be leaving too.” Rachel glanced around for her clothes, finding them on the floor in a wrinkled heap. “I forgot I had a date tonight.” She said it more to herself while bending for her corset. She was so late she doubted the date was still on. Which was just fine with her.

“You what?”

Rachel gasped when James swung her around.

“You can forget about any date tonight, and tomorrow night, and any night after that. We didn’t finish our talk but I am telling you right now, I don’t intend to give you up anytime soon. You got that, lady?”

She nodded slowly, mesmerized by the fire in his eyes. As his face moved closer to her, she realized he was going to kiss her, and decided to meet him halfway. Rachel let him pull her against him. Her fingers curled into his open shirt and she willingly opened her mouth to his searching tongue. God, I could kiss him all night!

“You’ll be here when I return?” He was slightly out of breath.

I have a choice? Even if she did, her answer would be the same. A warm heat uncurled inside her belly. “Yes.”

“I won’t be long. Make yourself to home.”

Once James was gone, Rachel decided to keep herself busy by cleaning up the kitchen. When she was done and he still hadn’t returned she went to the bedroom closet, pulled out a shirt, and slipped it on. She then turned on the TV and glanced at the clock. James had been gone for half an hour. Sighing, she sat back to watch an old Friends episode, eventually falling asleep.

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