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Welcome to chapter 3 of Up in Flames!

Chapter 3


The deep seriousness of his tone sent a little quiver down Rachel’s spine. She didn’t think about saying no. His eyes were darkening, and the raw desire contorting his features mesmerized her. Still, something naughty inside wanted to push James’ buttons. She wanted to see how far she could tease him before he lost control. He didn’t look like the type of man who took no for an answer.

With a teasing smile, she shook her head and slowly backed up. “And if I say no?”

Eyes that had almost turned black raked down her body. “You didn’t say no in the elevator.”

“That was different. I was, ah, scared.”

“Really?” He slowly began to stalk her. “I thought you were eager for a good fuck.”

Oh god! He knows exactly what to say to turn me on. Her back came up against the door to his office. He didn’t stop until he pressed up against her. She caught her breath, and refused to break eye contact. His hands went to her hips and Rachel felt his mouth against her shoulder.

“I don’t intend to fuck you again standing up.” His mouth traveled up the side of her neck. “But damn I want you again…now!”

Oh! Rachel shivered wildly, feeling a rush of wet heat flood her pussy. “Don’t you think we should get to know each other a little better first?” At the moment, she could care less about getting to know James better. It was all part of the game.

She didn’t like the sound of his laugh. “Do you know who I am?”

“Yes,” she replied softly.

“And I know who you are. Right now that’s all that matters.”

He kissed her. Roughly, passionately, and thoroughly, grinding his body into hers, so she could feel his hard cock against her pussy. He thrust forward, separating her pussy lips and setting fire to her clit. Mutual sounds of pleasure erupted around them. She parted her thighs, silently inviting him inside her body. Only James seemed intent on teasing her until she was squirming and gasping uncontrollably. Weak-kneed with longing, she sank to her knees.

And took him into her mouth.

“Oh, shit!” His tone clearly said he wasn’t expecting that. As though with a mind of their own his hips jerked forward until Rachel felt the head of his cock at the back of her throat.

He groaned when she began to suck him hard.

She licked and sucked his shaft as if it was her favorite Popsicle. Tasting the salty pre-cum that had gathered at the head. James shuddered violently when she dipped her tongue inside the slit there, his hands going to the back of her head to hold her tightly against him. She felt every ridge and vein that lined his thick cock with her tongue, before moving on to the heavy cum filled sacs beneath it. She sensed he could barely stand. Feeling the muscles in his thighs quiver, Rachel took him back into her mouth. Her hands moved to the back of his slacks and she pushed them down his buttocks.

James had a tight butt. Running her hands over him with eagerness, she explored the crack of his ass with her finger, discovering territory that turned them both a little wild. Only, during sex nothing was forbidden. As she sucked his cock from one end to the other, she gently wiggled her finger into his anus. He grunted low and lost control, spilling his seed inside her mouth. His body convulsed violently until gradually his movements slowed.

Rachel held on to his cock, feeling it deflate inside her mouth. Sensing he was about to pull out she gave him a last hard suck that caused a violent twitching of his body. She smiled, knowing how sensitive he still was at that moment.

“You witch!” James pulled her to her feet by her upper arms and kissed her feverishly. “You know exactly what you’re doing.”

“It’s not my first time.” Rachel smiled, running her tongue over her lips.

A gruff laugh escaped him. “Go shower, sweetheart. There’s a bathroom through that door.” He indicated a closed door with a nod of his head. “I need a drink.” He walked to the bar in the corner.

Rachel was pleasantly surprised when she opened the door to find a full sized bathroom, complete with a glass shower. What surprised her more was the bedroom beyond the bathroom. She’d heard James sometimes spent the night in his office, only she had pictured him sleeping on the sofa. He certainly seemed to have thought of everything.

She quickly undressed and stepped into the shower. Lathering up her hair and body twice with the fragrant soap and shampoo on hand. Once the soap was rinsed away Rachel let the warm water pelt down her body for a long time. She was loath to get out, enjoying the slight stimulation against her aching, sensitive skin. Her hands moved over her curves, cupping her breasts and playing with her erect nipples. Lately, in between boyfriends, she had been touching and pleasuring herself, a lot.

So, why was she still doing it after James had so thoroughly fucked her? The answer was clear. She was still horny for the man. She’d wanted him for so long that a couple of erotic sessions weren’t going to fulfill the itch she had for him. She let her hands smooth down her ribcage and flat belly, to her clean mound. Her index finger gingerly touched her clit, before sliding into her pussy. James had satisfied her and then some, but the tingle there was proof she was still hungry.

Rachel closed her eyes and leaned against the glass wall. One hand moved up to play with her breast while the other remained teasing and pleasuring her pussy. It didn’t take long before the juices of renewed excitement began to flow over her finger. Oh damn! It was easy picturing James hands touching her and giving her pleasure. If she called him, would he come?

She wasn’t that bold, and continued to finger her clit. Soft moans swirled around her as she gently rotated her hips. Another finger slipped inside her, and a third, until she imagined it was James’ thick cock. Her teeth sank into her bottom lip as she felt a climax building. She wasn’t aware of the shower door opening, or James entering, until she felt his mouth on her breast, and his hand joining hers on her pussy.

Her eyes bolted open. She didn’t have time to feel embarrassed. James kissed her hungrily, and then flipped her around so that she was facing the glass. He leaned into her, thrusting his hard cock between the cracks of her ass. The next thing Rachel was aware of was his hands caressing her breasts.

“I never leave a woman unsatisfied,” he growled into her ear. “You should have told me you were still hungry.”

His hands fell to her hips and he pulled them away from the glass, arching the lower half of her body against his. Her new position allowed James to slip his cock into her from behind. Rachel cried out with pleasure at the new position. She arched more, and closed her eyes to give herself up to the moment.

“I’m sorry.” She couldn’t think of anything more adequate to say.

“Don’t be. It’s not exactly a hardship fucking you.” His teeth gently scraped the skin on the back of her shoulder.

“It’s just that I’ve dreamt of this for so long.”

“This?” Rough hands glided up Rachel s ribcage to her breasts.

She turned her face so she could see him. “Of us, fucking.”

She was already close to climaxing and James caught up fast, thrusting into her unrestrained. Lord, he felt good! Rock hard and long, appeasing the itch only he could reach. Their gasps echoed in the small shower. The combination of steam and heavy breathing clouded the glass. Moving one arm around her waist to hold her in place, James’ other hand traveled down to stimulate her clit.

“Oh, God! Oh, God! Oh, God!” The feeling was too intense. Rachel was sure she was going to pass out from the pleasure when she climaxed. A small scream tore from her as her body shook uncontrollably against James. At the same time, he grabbed her hips and slammed into her one last time, groaning low with his release.

It seemed like forever that they remained pressed against the shower wall. Rachel was exhausted now. Totally spent, yet aching pleasantly. She felt him step away from her. Then the showers spray cease. She rolled onto her back, eating him up with her eyes. Completely naked, James did not disappoint. He was the model of the male species. Tall, well-defined muscles, a handsome face, and penetrating eyes.

Damn him! Why did he have to be so appealing? Rachel wanted him. But with his track record, she didn’t have a chance. At least she finally knew what it was like to be with him. Her fantasies had paled in comparison.

“I don’t think I can move.” She smiled, her tone was very serious.

“I have it covered.”

James picked her up. He stepped from the shower and headed towards his bedroom, then set Rachel on her feet at the foot of his bed. They laughed when she appeared unsteady. He reached up and brushed the wet hair away from her face.

He stared at her for so long that Rachel felt compelled to ask, “What’s wrong?”

“Not a thing.” His thumb brushed over her bottom lip. “I have some work to do. Why don’t you get some rest?” He kissed her, almost sweetly. It didn’t last long.

Rachel glanced down at his bed, wondering how many women had been there before her. Now that she’d had a taste of James, the thought of him with someone else was torture. It occurred to her that she would probably have to quit her job. How can I continue to work here after this? It would kill her seeing him with other women.

“I can almost see what’s going on behind those incredible violet eyes,” James said, surprising her. “There haven’t been any other women in that bed, Rachel. I know I have a reputation, but there are some areas strictly off limits. This bedroom is one of them. We’ll talk more about it later.”

Needing no further persuasion, Rachel crawled beneath the crisp, cool covers and gradually fell asleep.

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