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Welcome to chapter 2 of Up in Flames.

Chapter 2



“Did the power go out?”

Rachel was aware her voice sounded slightly panicked. It had taken her a long time to get over her fear of taking the elevator. Only because she convinced herself that nothing would happen in the few seconds it would take to go from floor to floor. Maybe she had been a little na├»ve in thinking that way, but for three years, it had worked. She’d never considered what she would do in a situation like this, besides panic and scream like hell.

Oh God! It’s a long weekend. There’s no way I can stay in this elevator that long without losing my sanity!

She was inside something that resembled a box, no windows or exits, and Rachel knew claustrophobia was going to get the best of her. If she didn’t get out of there soon she was going to have an attack. She could already feel the unreasonable fear reaching up to swallow her, the sensation of not being able to breathe. Of being entombed. In her mind’s eye, she was in a coffin, and everything was closing in on her at a frightening speed.

Her breathing escaladed, her chest felt heavy. Sweat began to run between her breasts. She was aware that James was there. He was pushing buttons that didn’t work. Picking up a phone and then swearing when that too appeared to be broken. The lights were still on so it wasn’t the power. Rachel stepped forward but had nowhere to go.

“Are we trapped?” The walls were rapidly closing in on her. She glanced up at the vent in the ceiling, wondering if they could get out that way. “We can’t be trapped.” She moved in front of James and punched several buttons. “We can’t be!” She met James’ gaze, realizing she must look wild to him. She needed to get out of there, couldn’t he see that?

James pulled her hand away from the buttons. “I’ve tried all that, Rachel. I’m sure—”

The elevator jerked, moved down about three feet, and then jerked to a sudden stop again. At the same time, the lights went out.

“No!”Rachel cried out softly, flattening her back against the wall and dropping the mail in her hands. She was going to lose it, fighting down the scream that was bubbling up her throat. “Noooo!” It was pitch black.

“It’s okay, Rachel.” She felt searching hands move casually over her and then settle on her shoulders. “It’s going to be okay. You’re safe.”

She struggled against him. “You don’t understand,” she said, pushing against his chest.

“You’re claustrophobic.” His tone was firm yet kind. And he was strong. She could feel it in his hands and the defined muscles of his chest. Trying to pull away from him was futile. “I get it.”

“I can’t breathe!”

At just that moment, the emergency lights flickered on. Being able to see again calmed Rachel somewhat, but it threw her into a completely new situation. Something dangerous and a little frightening. James was close, almost leaning into her, his hands held her shoulders against the wall. Their gazes clashed. Her heart was pounding wildly and she was certain he could hear it.

“How bad do you have it?”

His breath was warm against her face. Rachel swallowed. “I can overcome it most of the time, if I think of something else. But knowing that I can’t get out right this minute is the problem. I can’t breathe.”

“Yes you can. Just breathe in deep through your nose and release it slowly through your mouth.” He pulled the glasses off her face and tossed them away. “You’re tense. Try to relax.” His strong hands began to massage Rachel’s shoulders.

She closed her eyes and tried to do what he suggested, then shook her head no and said fiercely, “I can’t breathe. There’s no air.”

“Think of something else.” She felt his hands move from her shoulders to the buttons at her blazer. She could tell he was unbuttoning it, and the next thing Rachel knew he was slipping it off her shoulders. “It might help loosening up some of your clothing.”

Rachel felt a scorching blast of heat envelop her when James’ hands began to pull her silk blouse out of the waistband of her skirt. When his knuckles brushed her skin at the top of her blouse, she realized he was undoing more buttons at her breast. Her eyes bolted open, and her hands encircled his wrists. His movements stopped.

“What are you doing Mr. White?” she whispered.

“Helping you, I thought.” There was amusement swimming in his eyes.

“By undressing me?” If this were under normal circumstances, she would be thrilled. And if she wasn’t still stressed over her current situation.

“You can relax, Miss Masters. Your virtue is safe with me.”

“I’m not a virgin.” Why had she said that? Rachel wanted the floor to open up and swallow her.

His soft laughter filled the elevator. “Well in that case, maybe you’re not safe with me.” He nudged her hands away and continued what he was doing.

His gaze followed his hands while he unbuttoned her blouse, and when he was done, he raised his eyes to hers. She detected a slight difference in his breathing, and his features hardened with what she wanted to believe were growing desire. He took his time opening her blouse all the way. She held her breath when he stared lazily at her sexy, black stretch mesh corset.

Rachel loved wearing sexy under garments. She did most of her shopping at a little place called Just for Him in the mall by where she lived. The little number she had on today fit her body like a glove, showcasing her slightly full curves to full advantage. The mesh bodice shaped her breasts softly, revealing glimpses of skin meant to tease a man into wanting to discover more. Into wanting to do more.

James sucked in his breath. “Well, this is a nice surprise. Not exactly what I was expecting.” He flicked the little satin bow between her breasts.

Then wait until he sees my matching G-string. She couldn’t breathe for another reason now. The lust fire in his eyes fueled her desire to a feverish pitch. If he kept this up, she would forget where they were. Which was the point, wasn’t it? Maybe that had been his plan all along.

“What were you expecting?” Rachel closed her eyes again, so she wouldn’t have to see the four walls closing in on them. “You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.”

His husky chuckle sounded sexy as hell. “I wonder what else you’re hiding beneath this conservative suit.” It wasn’t a question but more of a curious statement. “You’re still tight. At least you are breathing a little easier. Feeling better?”

She nodded. “As long as I can keep my mind off where I am I’ll be okay,” she admitted.

“What more can I do to help?”

“We need to get out,” Rachel insisted, stating the obvious. “Please, just do whatever you want to keep my mind off where we are.” She knew as soon as the words left her mouth that she had just issued a not so subtle invitation. Rachel didn’t care. She’d been wondering what it would be like being with James for a long time. Maybe this was a prelude to gaining first-hand knowledge. She began to shiver with arousal and anticipation. Wondering what she could do to push him further in that tantalizing direction.

“I think I can manage that.”

Did he sound a little too eager, or was she being hopeful? The sexual energy between them kept the atmosphere charged. James’ gaze darkened. Then his face was moving closer to hers. Rachel caught her breath, thinking he meant to kiss her. She opened her mouth, feeling his breath against her lips. He reached behind her and the next thing she knew he had removed the clip in her hair.

He drew back and watched the cascade of soft hair frame her face and settle beyond her shoulders. Some of it fell over her breasts.

“Damn,” his gaze moved over her with obvious pleasure. “Another nice surprise. I’ve wanted to do that for three years now.”

What?! His admission caught Rachel by surprise. Not once since she’d begun working there had he said more than a handful of words to her, or shown her any undue attention. In all fairness, maybe she just hadn’t acknowledged it because she was so determined to ignore him. Once she realized she was, attracted to him she’d made it a habit to look the other way whenever he was around, hoping to hide the lustful feelings coursing through her blood. Afraid he would guess the truth in her eyes.

“Come on, sweetheart. I saw through your professional suits and granny glasses from the beginning. I’m sure you have your own reasons for dressing down but I’ve been itching to get to the real woman I sensed underneath.”

Rachel wasn’t about to go into why she felt it necessary to dress and act the way she did. The man was a millionaire a hundred times over and probably couldn’t relate to the challenges of trying to get a decent job. Especially for a woman who had the credentials, but was considered eye candy and therefore not taken seriously. She had thought those days were long past but apparently not.

It didn’t matter now. What James was revealing thrilled her to the core, heightening her fierce need for him. “Then I hope you won’t be disappointed. Because there’s more.”

His eyebrows rose with surprise. There was that sexy sensual grin again. “I can’t wait to discover them.”

Rachel brazenly let her blouse slide down her arms to the floor. The smoldering look in his eyes told her he liked what he saw. She glanced past him to the mirror, seeing a bold woman bent on seduction. She had wanted James for so long that she wasn’t about to question her fate. She moved to unzip her skirt but his hands got there first. Without warning, he jerked her closer to him. She gasped.

“Allow me.”

Rachel closed her eyes, listening to the slow pull of the zipper as it followed the line of her hip and thigh. Then coolness touched her skin when the material of her skirt slid away to join her blouse on the floor.

“Fuck!” Her eyes flew open at James’ passionate exclamation. His face was taut with desire, his gaze running over Rachel in a visual caress that set her insides on fire. It was clear the combination of the G-string, the sheer black nylons that stopped at mid-thigh and her heels turned him on. “You’re a gorgeous woman, Rachel.” His tone was sincere.

Before she could respond, his arm slid around her waist and he pulled her sharply against him. Then his mouth covered hers in a rough kiss. Rachel wrapped her arms around his neck, relishing his embrace and the hard cock she felt pressing between her legs. She moaned with satisfaction and opened her mouth so their tongues could engage. James wasted no time in accepting her invitation. As their tongues worked against each other, he thrust his hard-on further between her thighs and groaned.

Then his mouth left hers, and he kissed his way along her jaw and down her throat. Rachel arched against him with hunger, sighing with pleasure when he kissed her breasts above the corset. Her hands quickly undid the buttons to his shirt while his tongue dipped into her cleavage. Crying out, she clutched the material of his shirt to keep from falling to her knees. His hands cupped her breasts and tweaked her hard nipples until he replaced his fingers with his mouth.

Rachel’s soft cries filled the elevator. She arched her back, and her hands went to his hair to hold him against her. She was so hot she felt like she was going to go up in flames. Her pussy was creaming and soaking her G-string. James worked his way in that direction, kissing her along the way. He moved his hands around to her naked butt, and forced her against his mouth. Then Rachel felt his hot breath over the thin cloth covering her shaved mound.

“Oh god!”His tongue raked over her pussy and she creamed some more. He groaned savagely and tore the G-string away so he could kiss and nip at her naked pussy. When his tongue slid over her aching clit, a mini orgasm raced through her and she quivered violently.

She was still standing, barely, and James was on his knees. He buried his tongue inside her pussy several times in rapid succession, going deep. She leaned against the wall weakly, panting for breath, moaning when his five o’clock shadow added further stimulation against her sensitive skin. Oh God, he certainly knew how to pleasure a woman. Rachel was sure her bones were turning to mush.


That was when he rose to his feet and kissed her again. Tasting herself on his tongue turned her hotter. She undid the front of his slacks and reached inside for his cock. God he was big and red-hot, with pre-cum dripping from the mushroom shaped head. Hard steel covered in soft velvet. Rachel squeezed him before she realized what she was doing.

“Sweet Jesus!” James said hoarsely, thrusting his generous sized phallus into her hand. Rachel moved her hand up and down a few times, while he leaned into her for support. “Fuck! Milk it baby!”

Rachel did as he asked, and was about to drop to her knees when he lifted her against the wall. Without a word, she wrapped her legs around him and he penetrated her pussy in one, smooth plunge. For a moment, they stood there, both breathing heavy and weak with passion. Then lust overtook them and James fucked her hard and fast. She held on, feeling her ass slap against the mirrored wall. His extended cock filled her pussy and she whimpered with each deep thrust.

“You’re so fucking tight.” James mouthed the words against Rachel’s shoulder, before giving her a little bite. It hurt and felt good at the same time. “Hell, you feel good.”

Rachel covered his mouth with hers, letting her hands trail down the back of his body. She could feel the rippling muscles in his back, and explored the firmness of his butt, clenching her fingers into him. She held him close, squeezing the inner muscles of her pussy around his pounding cock. He knew how to clit fuck a woman. Every time he entered her body, he made sure to enter at an angle that allowed him to glide over her inflamed clit. Before long, she climaxed hard, screaming with intense fulfillment.

Only it wasn’t over yet. James was still fucking her like there was no tomorrow. His stamina at that speed was overwhelming. As Rachel’s body continued to convulse she reached between them and cupped his heavy balls, giving them a little squeeze. That action sent James over the top and he groaned, coming inside her.

“Fuck,” he whispered harshly when his cock stopped jetting cum against her vaginal walls. “I can’t remember coming this hard in a long time. And we forgot protection.”

It had been the last thing on Rachel’s mind. “I’m clean.” She’d just had her yearly physical.

“So am I but what about pregnancy?” he rasped.

She did a quick calculation. “I’m safe for the next couple of days.”

They remained locked together, leaning weakly against the wall until his cock slid from Rachel’s pussy. The air in the elevator felt thick and over warm. Their combined heavy breathing fogged the mirrors. A fine mist of moisture covered them and the scent of sex was pungent. Rachel released a long, satisfied sigh. Sex with James was better than any of her fantasies about him.

“You okay?”

His concern was touching. She smiled. “Very.”

The elevator began to move. Ohmygod! Talk about bad timing. Their gazes met. James moved quickly and hit the button to stop it. Rachel’s eyes rounded with fear but before she could say anything, he hit the button to the tenth floor.

“What, where are we going?” She tried to calm herself. The elevator was moving again and in a matter of seconds, she would be out.

“There’s no way in hell we’re going down like this.” He removed his shirt and brought it around Rachel’s shoulders. Then bent and scooped up her clothing. “We’re going to my office.”

The doors opened. Rachel rushed out, unconcerned with her undressed state. She sucked in several lung full’s of fresh air-conditioned air. A quick glance told her they were alone. The clock on the wall revealed it was almost seven-ten. The whole building was probably empty by now.

James passed her and she followed him to his office. He closed and locked the door behind them. She watched him toss her clothes to the sofa, and turn on a desk lamp. When he turned to face her, his gaze traveled down her body in a lingering, visual caress. Remembering her pussy was exposed, Rachel pulled his shirt around her. A crooked grin covered his face, too sexy for words. Suddenly she felt exposed and shy. They’d just had smoking hot sex in the elevator, where did they go from there?

He walked back to her with a lazy, satisfied look on his face, the glaze of their recent intimacy still evident in his eyes. Rachel tried to avoid looking down at his pants, when she knew they were still unzipped and parted. Excitement filled her senses. Cum was running down the inside of her thigh and she resisted rubbing her legs together to stop the tickle. She began to tingle all over, anticipating that they would fuck again. She’d enjoyed his magnificent cock inside her and wanted to experience it again.

“What do we do now?” she asked when James halted within an inch from her.

“I want to see all of you. Take your clothes off.”

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