Saturday, May 18, 2019

Back from vacation

A fantastic week! Flew out to California, spent two days touring Beverly Hills, Malibu, Hollywood, Paramount Studios, ate at the famous Duke’s Restaurant a couple of times. Crammed a lot in for two days. Saw Jane Fonda. Not a fan but cool non the less. Got to go into Dr. Phil’s studio. I watch him every day. Learned some cool tricks of the movie trade so now every time I watch something on TV I’ll be looking for them. Anyone eating ice cream? It’s really mashed potatoes because they don’t melt.

Next my bestie and I took the scenic train route all the way to Seattle, Washington. Thirty-three hours. Was smart enough to get a sleeper car so we could rest in peace but spent most of our time in the scenic car. Bonus! Jeff Bridges was traveling with us. We made eye-contact once but I don’t think he knew who I was. lol

Spent three days there. Went whale watching, yes saw humpbacks and grey whales. Two kinds of seals and lots of eagles. Spent some time on Friday Harbor. We visited the first Starbucks factory, sampled Whiskey Barrel-Aged coffee from Guatemala. Sooooo good! Eighty dollars a pound, and yes, I bought a pound, no, I’m not rich. I gave half a pound to my niece and the other half to my bestie for putting up with me for a week.

I wish I could say that I walked my ass off but it’s still there!

I'll post pictures later.

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