Friday, April 26, 2019


Desert Rebels MC Book 2
Coming later this year!

Demon - He's a known womanizer and a man with secrets but he runs his club with an iron fist. He had an old lady once, and he doesn't want another one. Yet a spirited little club girl catches his eye and fear forces him to push her away. Trouble in the MC has to be dealt with first, but betrayal brings them back together leaving him with a decision to make, either trust her and claim her or send her away for good.

Bobbie - She's a club girl meant to be there to satisfy the men but there's only one man she wants, the president of Desert Rebels. He avoids her until the pain of seeing him with every other woman causes her to leave. But leaving doesn't keep her from trouble in the club, and soon she's right back where she started. Distrust and betrayal comes between them but she's determined to prove to Demon that she can be the old lady that he needs.

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