Friday, February 1, 2019

Sexy teaser for COLE...coming soon!

 Cole's POV:

"I don't have time to go over MC protocol but when I tell you something it's not just to hear my own voice."

"I did research—"

I snorted, crossing my arms. "On the internet?" She nodded. "Fuck what you read or think you know. What you did back there could have caused a shit-storm."

"I didn't mean for them to hear me," she began, facing me like a little tiger. "And I'm sorry, Cole," she surprised me by saying. "I have a bad habit of saying things when I should keep my mouth shut."

"Pick up a new habit then and learn to keep your fucking mouth shut." I could tell she didn't like that. She squared her shoulders as if getting ready for a fight, but all that did was draw my eyes to her luscious tits. I could tell they were the real deal, and I couldn't stop from visualizing sliding my dick between them. The thought of giving her a pearl necklace wasn't the image I wanted in my head right then.

"Are you always this sweet?"

I didn't like her attitude or the amusement dancing in her sparkling eyes. This was serious shit and it was clear that she thought the whole thing was a joke. I snapped and took a step toward her. My sudden move startled her into stepping backwards until her back came up against the side of the building. I didn't stop until her tits were brushing against my abs.

"You want sweet?" I growled down into her uplifted face, determined to wipe that smile right off. "Get down on your knees and I can be as sweet as you want."

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