Friday, October 5, 2018

Death Valley & ET Highway Vacation

My best friend and I just returned from a week in Nevada. We flew into Reno, drove through Death Valley, spent a day at the Hoover Dam, drove the Extraterrestrial Highway, and spent two days in beautiful Lake Tahoe. The scenery was spectacular, and at times felt as if we were on another planet. Dry, desolate, kind of scary as miles and miles of absolutely nothing, and then beautiful lakes and mountains and the occasional small town.

Death Valley got up to 106 at one time and signs on the road said to turn off our AC or risk over heating. The heat wasn't unbearable. As Rita described it it kind of felt as if someone was holding a hair dryer on us.

The Extraterrestrial Highway amounted to nothing but miles and miles of road with absolutely nothing except for Area 51, and yes we did drive to it but there really wasn't much to see. We also had breakfast at the famous Little A'Le'Inn restaurant in Rachel. Alas, we didn't see any aliens but I know they're out there!

Did you know that Paul and Independence Day were filmed there?

Lake Tahoe was breathtaking! We drove around mostly but did visit one of the parks for a walk through a trail which, thank goodness, was level. The peace and quiet, the sound of birds, a huge beaver dam and the signs of bear claw marks on the trees were a few of the things we enjoyed. We also had a great meal at a restaurant right on Lake Tahoe.

I'll post more pictures later.

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