Friday, May 4, 2018


I'm into chapter 12 of the next book in my Nomad Outlaws Trilogy! This story between Moody and Bailey is really flowing steadily for me. I'm hoping to get it out sometime around August. Here's the blurb.

Moody had it all once, and lost it in a heartbeat. Now he goes through life as a cold, heartless nomad. A man to avoid, and be afraid of, uncaring if each day could be his last. He gives a fuck about nothing and no one, until an innocent woman comes out of nowhere. Unafraid of his fury, challenging his demons, making him want to live again. Is he strong enough to let her into his heart?

DANGEROUS, book 2 will be released on 5/21 and is available for pre-order. I hope that you're following the trilogy. All three heroes have appeared in all three books.

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