Thursday, April 26, 2018

It's Just Not Me

There's a book convention coming to Orlando, Florida in October and I thought long and hard about attending, since it's just an hour from where I live. The only other one I attended was back in 2009 when that, too, was in Orlando.

I decided not to go, even though I thought it would be fun to join in on the book signing event. I decided not to go, even though I thought it would be fun to meet other authors, and readers. I decided not to go, even though I would save a ton of money because it's just down the street and I wouldn't have to pay for travel there or get a hotel room. I decided not to go, even thought I thought there would be plenty of opportunities for growth as a writer.

The real reason that I decided not to go? It's just not me. I have anxiety issues when I'm around a lot of people, and in situations unfamiliar to me. That's why I don't like shopping, and do all my shopping except for groceries on line. I don't go to theme parks, malls, or parties. Social gatherings make me nervous, even if I know most of the people there. When I eat out, I try to go during non-busy hours. Don't even get me started on airports. I take legal drugs to get me through that.

So, to be true to myself I'll continue to be a home body, and not do anything that I know will cause me stress. Writing is my hobby, not a job.

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