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Saturday, January 20, 2018

You better not change...

Who knows why some things stay with us. A comment, a small incident, something you've dreamt. Earl, my soul-mate passed away almost six years ago. I remember when we first got together that he would occasionally look at me and say, "You better not change." And I would say in return, "This is me, what you see is what you get."

I understood what he meant when he said those words. I was easy going and refused to get into squabbles with him because it wasn't worth it. So, I often times let things go. He liked a quiet, accommodating woman. He was a lot older than me and was old school where the man took care of the woman and didn't ask questions. He made the decisions, he handled stuff. In the beginning, I just went with the flow. Of course he liked that.

"You better not change." Yeah, that lasted all of about 6 months. I don't think Earl realized though that I changed because he changed. lol

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