Wednesday, January 24, 2018

No Escape Excerpt

Available 2/1 folks! This book will be in ebook and print.
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For the second time that day, Sarah was sprawled on top of him. She began to wiggle like an eel out of water, aware of the intimacy of their situation but she didn’t care.

“Just what the fuck are you doing?” Clint’s hands went to her waist as if to push her off. “Stop your damn wiggling,” he groaned.

Sarah ignored the deceptive calm in his voice. Too busy making sure she wasn’t lying in any of the sludge surrounding them, which meant remaining on top of him. She couldn’t help noticing everything about him was as hard as granite.

“I don’t want to get mud on me. Or snakes, or bugs, or anything else equally horrible,” she explained. Did any woman? Surely, he understood that.

“You don’t‒” his hard tone was filled with disbelief. “Are you for real? You expect to trek for three days across an island and come out smelling like a rose?” His snort reminded her of an angry bull. “Not likely, angel.” In one swift movement, Clint reversed their positions, putting Sarah on the bottom. “You’re going to get more than a little mud on you.” She cried in outrage but he ignored her, grinding his body into hers. “I want to make sure you’re as covered in mud as I am.”

Clint took hold of both her wrists in one hand, and using his other, grabbed up fistfuls of mud. He ran it beneath her collar and at the opening where her shirt rode up her waist. The more his weight bore her into the ground, the more it filled every nook and cranny.

Sarah felt every masculine inch against her. “Damn you!” Struggling against him was useless. “Get off me!” She arched her body in an effort to throw him off. He thrust against her to keep her in place. “You’ve proven your point asshole, I’m dirty enough!”

“Oh, I don’t know about that.” Clint pinned both her arms on either side of her head, making sure they were flat upon the muddy ground. He smiled down at her like a hungry wolf. “They say mud is good for the skin,” he commented outrageously. “Maybe I should strip you so you can fully benefit from the free spa treatment.”

Sarah could see the white of his teeth. “You do and it will be the last thing you ever do!” she promised, her voice tight. “Short of killing you, there are a number of ways I can think of to get even. Now get off me!”

On top of those thoughts, she was also wrestling with her own emotions. She couldn’t believe he was actually turning her on. Feelings left dormant were surfacing at a frightening speed, making her aware of her long-term celibacy. Feeling Clint’s hard cock jump against her, she unwillingly closed her eyes for just a moment, savoring the heady experience. Thankful he couldn’t possibly know what he was doing to her. Could he?

He suddenly raised himself off her body. She slapped at the hand he offered, getting angrily to her feet on her own steam. She didn’t bother trying to brush the back of her clothes off this time, knowing the mud would have to dry first.

“I hope you’re satisfied.” She couldn’t control the biting edge of her words any more than she could control the overwhelming urge to slap his arrogant face.

“If you think I’m satisfied, you have a lot to learn about men.” With that parting shot, Clint turned and started walking.

Oh! What an arrogant, overbearing asshole!

*This is a re-release with a new cover, title, and added content including an epilogue.

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