Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Two of My Support Staff

Bearcat, inside, and Jezzie, on top, are just taking a little break. Otherwise one of them would be cozying up on my arm and computer while I'm trying to write. But, hey, they are my support staff.

Why buy expensive cat toys? Just purchase something big from
Amazon and save the box! My four cats have played with this for two weeks.


Anne said...

Mine would have clawed that box up by now. I used to have one that would take bites out of boxes and spit them out. Would eventually work her way through about half before I'd throw it out.

Francina said...

Kids and cats are both way more entertained by empty boxes than you'd think they should be lol.

Tory Richards said...

Too funny, Anne! Cats are fun to watch. I get a kick out of seeing the different personalities of the four I have.

Tory Richards said...

True, Francina! I recall when my daughter was small she had a ton of toys but she always seemed to have more fun with boxes, pots and pans.