Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Surviving Hurricane Irma

I'm sure most of you are tired of hearing about Irma, especially now that it's over. But in case you hadn't noticed I'd been offline for almost a week due to a power outage. We just got it back on Saturday. Other than fence and tree damage, and losing the contents of our fridge and freezer, we came out okay. Of course, living in Florida without AC is sheer torture in itself!

The first two days after the hurricane wasn't so bad with regard to the heat. There was a nice breeze left over from the storm. Having no TV was a nightmare with two rug rats at home from school. We kept our phones charged by sitting in our cars until they were charged so the kids had something to do. Can't say we (the adults) didn't benefit from the AC in the car, too. Having a pool was also a nice way to escape the heat and boredom. One day we lucked out that the local bowling alley was open and spent some time there.

This is my little family. From left to right in the back there's me, my daughter, her daughter, my dad, my daughter's hubby. Left to right in the front is my niece, my sister, and my daughter's son. The only one missing is my niece's boyfriend because he took the picture.
Three of the days we'd already planned on spending in NC. My dad turned 80 on Friday and we (me, my daughter, her husband, two grandchildren, a niece and her man)  drove up to surprise him. He was so glad to see all of us and we had a really nice visit. He's in fairly good health but reaching 80 after smoking 3 packs a day until less than a year ago has to be some kind of miracle.  It was tough leaving him but he and my sister are coming down for Christmas.

This little fella was spotted out by our pool right after the storm blew through. He's a beauty, isn't he? The animals were really out during the week of the hurricane. We had cranes, and a tortoise come by, too.

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