Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Filthy Teasers for The Sentinels

I ain't kidding! This is your last warning! Read at your own risk.

Chapter 17 page 88 & 89

I grinned around the tasty nipple in my mouth before releasing it and moving on to her other luscious tit. I licked at her nipple like a cat licking up cream, before taking the tip into my mouth and suckling. Her nails raked my scalp, turning my dick into cement. I wanted to remove my fingers and replace them by invading her warmth and pounding her into a hard climax, but I realized the danger of losing control and continued to taste the delights her body had to offer. When my kisses took me to the top of her pelvis, it was the first time Ruby tried to pull my head away, and I knew then that she’d never let a man go down on her.

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If anything was going to make me lose control it was that knowledge. She was so innocent, yet a woman in every way. I began to grind my dick into the bed as I locked my mouth over her mound. She moaned and reared up, the action allowing my tongue the chance to sink easily inside heaven. Smooth, tasty cream coated my tongue, and I lapped it up hungrily, groaning deeply as I was enveloped in a heady scent of her sex and eagerness.

“Tanner, oh, God! What are you doing to me?” Her rushed tone revealed that she was panting her way to a hard release.

With my tongue buried inside her as far as it would reach, I looked up to see her lovely tits quivering with their hard, wet nipples. Her hands were fisted in the covers beneath us, her hips moving against my tongue the same way I knew she would be moving had it been my dick. My nose bumped against her engorged clit, causing Ruby to twitch and moan every time. Her breathing turned harsher, I grabbed her hips and pulled her tight against my face, feeling her insides swell and clench around my tongue.

“Tanner!” her cry revealed her surprise as she peaked and then exploded into sweet release. “I’m, I’m, coming…!”

The warmth and thickness of her cream coated my tongue, and I sucked as much of it as I could into my mouth. I wanted all of her virginal essence, and I was a greedy bastard. Her body jerked and quivered as she tried to escape my mouth, but I easily held her pussy right where I wanted it. I ate her out until I was satisfied that I’d gotten it all. When I pulled away I took a last, lingering sweep over her sensitive clit.

She pulled my hair roughly. “Tanner, I . . .  please, I can’t take any more.”

 Jesus, my dick was leaking, I could feel it, and it was so hard it hurt. I climbed up her body and settled it right up against her swollen, wet mound. “You are an innocent,” I said softly, slightly in awe. “Because this is just foreplay.” Her eyes snapped open and met mine. “First I make you come, then you make me come, and then we fuck our brains out.” I rubbed my throbbing dick against her.

“We both know that’s not going to happen,” Ruby surprised me by saying. “Because you don’t want my cherry.”

Fuck. That damned cherry. In that moment, something else occurred to me. If she came that fucking hard from just the feel of my tongue, she’d set the sheets on fire if it were my dick claiming her. It was almost worth saying to hell with it and breaking my rule. But I didn’t need that kind of trouble. As tempting as Ruby was, I needed to keep my head and stick to the rules.

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