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If you're looking for a steamy read, long, short or in between, where the characters are all over each other, get down and dirty, than I can guarantee that you will find something here. I'm going to level with you, my erotic romances are explicit and graphic in nature, but they all have happily forever or happily for now endings.

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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Not much going on this week. I'm at the end of editing The Sentinels for the 8/1 release and I've also begun writing Ruthless. I'll be sharing the cover to that one soon.

 I hope ya'll had a nice 4th of July holiday. Did anyone set off any fireworks? My son-n-law and daughter went out front with the kids and did sparklers. Our little fireworks display didn't last long but we could hear others going off in the neighborhood until after midnight. They definitely were a step up from sparklers, kind of sounded like the ones Disney does. I hope people with pets remembered to bring them inside.

Right now I'm sitting here in my chair drinking red wine in a white shirt. Pretty gutsy huh? lol

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