Sunday, July 23, 2017

I recently went to Savannah Ga. and thought I'd share some pictures. It's really a beautiful, historic place and the great way to spend a long weekend if you're not too far away. It took us four hours to drive there. Parks, beautiful, old homes, historic tours, and lots of shopping. I wouldn't go again in the summer though, it was sweltering! A lot of walking was involved.

 Luckily we didn't have to drive over this bridge, the picture doesn't do it justice.

Lady and Son's Restaurant We took the Paula Deen Tour
about her rags to riches story and ended up here for dinner.

 Where we ate lunch on River Street. Took us a whole day to walk
the street and shop but it was worth it. The food at this place was excellent!

Paula Deen's first home. We were told her currant home,
which we didn't get to see, is on the market for millions.
Famous Butler Authors House

This monument represents he largest unit of African American
 soldiers, free men, who volunteered in the American Revolution to
capture Savannah from the British in 1779.
 River Street


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