Monday, June 19, 2017

One Night Only X-rated Excerpt

The beginning of chapter 3.

My hands were shaking with excitement as I began to lower his jeans over his lean hips and the enticing swell of his taut buttocks. I dropped to my knees, which put my face directly in front of his throbbing cock. Joe stepped out of his shoes and kicked them away when I reached his ankles, and did the same thing with his jeans. I inhaled deeply, taking in the arousing scent of his sex, wondering why I was fighting the urge to bury my face against him. I listened to Joe’s heavy breathing for a few seconds before doing what we both wanted. Placing my hands upon his muscular thighs I leaned forward, slowly swallowing his huge, hot cock.

He groaned and I felt his thighs quiver before he braced himself. My taste buds exploded with delight when I ran my tongue over the ridges and swollen veins lining his shaft. His hands fell to my head, and as if he couldn’t help it, he began to move his hips. “Aaaaaaaaaaagh!” He groaned long and deep. “This feels so fucking good, baby.” His fingers threaded through my hair. “But I want you to feel good, too.”

He pumped his cock into my mouth several times, so I was surprised when he pulled me to my feet. With his hands still clenched in my hair Joe jerked me against him and ground his mouth down on mine. It was the match that started the firestorm, and I knew there was no going back. Our control had reached its limits. Somehow, we managed to rid ourselves of the rest of our clothes while covering the flesh we exposed with passionate caresses, kisses, and love bites. My hands discovered the sculptured, smooth like granite of his magnificent form. Joe was in tip-top condition.

All at once, he fell back upon the bed, taking me with him. I landed on top and we kissed for several seconds before I felt his hands at my waist. With little effort, Joe lifted me and swung me around. The new position left no doubts as to what we were about to do. As I lowered my mouth once more onto his cock, I felt his tongue against my clit. I arched farther into his mouth with unrestrained reaction, moaning loudly.

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