Saturday, June 24, 2017

A Sneak Peek at The Sentinels

...excerpt not edited or finalized!

I heard the distant sound of thunder, or so I thought until it grew closer and I realized that it was the rumble of motorcycles coming our way. I expected them to ride on past us, but when they slowed and pulled up behind Pops’ truck I straightened nervously. They weren’t just weekend bikers, I could tell that immediately by the way they were dressed, and the air of danger they exuded. The six men belonged to an honest to goodness motorcycle club and their worn, leather cuts were decked out in colorful patches and name tags.

They looked serious and mean as hell. I had to add big and handsome to the description as I watched them climb off their large bikes and slowly approach us. I glanced at Pops, looking for a sign that he knew these bikers. Otherwise I was going back to my car to retrieve my baseball bat out of the back seat. He just smiled and gave me a wink.

What was I worried about anyway? We were on a busy public highway. I took a deep breath, smiled and said in my usual cheery tone, “Hi boys.”

I couldn’t tell what they were looking at, since they were all wearing dark sunglasses. The man who appeared to be the leader, the hunk wearing the president’s patch, came to a stop a couple of feet away from us. I began to feel self-conscious of my clinging wet clothes, especially when I could feel my nipples turn hard against my thin tee. I crossed my arms but the quirk of his lips told me that I hadn’t been fast enough.


“You picking up strays now, Pops?”

Ohmygod! The deep, gravelly tone of his voice was sexy as hell and did something quirky to my core. The man wasn’t too bad on the eyes either. He was taller than most, his sun tanned skin pulled taut over his super hot muscles. He oozed dominance and the clunky silver rings on his fingers said they were his backup.

“Bout damn time you got here,” Pops grumbled, pushing away from his truck. “And be nice to cutie, here, she stopped to help and fed me, too.”


Now I knew his eyes were full on me, and I could tell by the tilt of his head that he was looking me up and down. As if he had the right. I didn’t like his intimidation tactics, even if his presence was having an unexpected affect on my girlie parts. Something I’m sure he was used to. The devil in me promoted me to lower my arms and slap my hands on my curvy hips in a move that I knew was challenging. A big mistake I realized when his sexy mouth turned up at both corners.

“Looks like a drowned rat to me.” The bikers behind him laughed.

“Flattery will get you nowhere,” I responded, meeting what I thought was his eyes. I turned my attention back to Pops, putting my hand on his thin shoulder. “Now that your boy is here I’ll be on my way. It was nice meeting you.” I glanced back at the group of bikers. “Goodbye, boys.” I gave them a wave, eager to be on my way.

“Baby,” The sound of his growly voice stopped me in my tracks and I looked back at him. “You call me a boy again and I’ll be only too happy to show you the difference.”

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