Saturday, March 11, 2017

I haven't had a very good beginning to 2017, but some people have it even worse. It's been a couple of months of constant unexpected events where I've barely had a chance to catch my breath. Even during the well-anticipated family cruise to Mexico last month I was suffering from a super bad chest cold that just sucked the life right out of me. It was one of those things where my grandson stayed home sick for two days, and I got it for three weeks.

Personal issues including a family member who could pass any day now have taken a toll on all of us. My writing has taken a back seat for obvious reasons which has forced me to change the publish date from 4/1 to 4/20 for What He Wants. That, too, had consequences as Amazon has taken my pre-order set-up rights away for a year. It simply has been one thing after another.

I'm a strong person, the kind who gets through what life throws my way and when it's over, that's when I crumble. When Laura passes I will be devastated. I'm already devastated knowing that she will be gone forever. It just breaks my heart that such a beautiful, decent, giving person will have her life cut short at just 62 years old. Her two year battle is almost over, and we all look forward to the day she will rejoin her husband, and be at peace.

Thankfully my dad, who ended up in the hospital with double pneumonia the first of the year is doing well. He hasn't smoked since, is eating better, and seems to have a better outlook on life. He'll be 80 soon and has a lot more living to do. 

On one hand I have a lot to be thankful for, but on the other I can't help but wonder what the rest of the year is going to be like.

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