Saturday, December 31, 2016

Books Coming 2017!

I'm several chapters deep into Dark Souls MC, a new biker romance for 2017. This story is going to be a little different from my other biker romances. I'm trying to keep it a little on the lighter side. Though there will be some biker drama, and plenty of steamy moments between the two main characters, there's going to be an element of humor in it, too. I haven't even begun to think of a publication date but I'm hoping to make it available for purchase within the first quarter of the year. 

Here's a little teaser between Ruby and Tanner during their first meeting.

“Flattery will get you nowhere,” I responded, meeting his eyes. I turned my attention back to Tork, putting my hand on his thin shoulder. “Now that your boy is here I’ll be on my way. It was nice meeting you.” I glanced back at the group of bikers. “Goodbye, boys.” I gave them a wave, eager to be on my way.

“Baby,” The sound of his growly voice had me stopping in my tracks to look back at him. “You call me a boy again and I’ll be only too happy to show you the difference.” It didn’t sound like an idle threat, either.

My jaw dropped for a second before I had the where with all to snap it shut again. I didn’t think. I never did, reacting first as usual. I gave him a big wink, knowing that my ill-timed sense of humor was going to land me in trouble some day. “I suppose you’d like to think you’re man enough to try.” I turned back around with a feel-good smile, feeling as if I’d put the cocky, too sexy biker in his place.

Loud guffaws sounded out and Tork sputtered loudly. “She got you good!” His uncontrolled laughter turned into uncontrolled hacking and for a moment I worried that he wasn’t going to catch his breath. “Girl’s…got…balls.”

“Can it, old man.”

Gee, what a way to talk to his dad. I opened my car door, thankful for the vinyl seats as I slid my wet butt over them, and nearly screamed when the biker wedged his body between the door and me so that I couldn’t close it. How had he moved so fast? I glanced up at him with a nervous laugh. “You scared the crap out of me!” I looked back. Two of his friends were looking at the truck’s engine while the others waited on their motorcycles. “You’re not here to show me the difference between the boys and the men are you?” I joked.

*unedited and not finalized

Book #2 - What He Wants

Big John, the enforcer for Phantom Riders MC wants his own story, and I've also started that one. What He Wants will be a stand alone biker romance. I'm kind of working on both of these stories at the same time so right now it's not clear which one will get finished first. Stay tuned for more.

Book #3 - Wild Surrender
Book #4 - One Night Only
Book #5 - Ruthless

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