Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Dirty Excerpt of Carnal Hunger

The first fuck scene. Chapter four.

“You want to give it to me?” I asked, reaching out for the package in his hand.

“Darlin’, you have no fucking idea how bad I want to give it to you.”

I froze, my heart skipped a beat, and I think I stopped breathing. There was no disguising the look in Vince’s hungry eyes, or the sexual vibes he was giving off. I opened my mouth but nothing came out. Dressed all in black and leather, he looked like a dangerous, needy man. A man capable of taking whatever he wanted.

I wasn’t sure I was strong enough to deny him, especially when the tell tale tingle in my nipples told me that they were hard and achy. Then there was the wetness I felt between my legs and the pleasant pulsing inside my pussy that begged, please, please, we need a real cock. Gradually I became aware that I was still frozen there with my hand out to him.

“Well, give it to me then.” I had no idea what I was saying. He took a step up, his eyes never leaving mine, ignoring my extended hand.

“It’s not going to be sweet and gentle.”

Nice to know, I thought, uncaring. Another step up put him at eye level with me, and so close that I could feel his warm breath.

“So if you want sweet and gentle you best turn your shapely little ass around now and disappear inside.”

I couldn’t move to save my life, I was so turned on right then. There were only three steps, the next one was the last one that Vince would take and I would need to move or he was going to be right on top of me. I didn’t move. I didn’t trust my legs not to buckle, they were trembling so badly.

“It’s been eighteen months since I’ve had my dick inside a woman, so you can believe it’s going to be hard, fast, and raw.”

“It’s been eight years for me,” I countered in a breathless voice.

“Fuck, darlin’, this may do us both in,” he growled.

It sounded like it was going to hurt, but I was beyond caring, and I was happy to realize that he hadn’t fucked Lana the other day. If he was to be believed, and I believed him. I caught my breath when he took that final step, bringing our bodies flush against one another. I was vaguely aware when he set the package down on the rail, and then he was snaking an arm around my waist and crushing me even closer, if that were possible.

My neck snapped back and I gasped. He was close enough for me to see the fierce need on his expression. His jaw was tight, nostrils flared, and his eyes smoldered like embers in a bonfire. I laughed nervously. “You are hungry aren’t you.”

“I’ve been hungry for you since the damned plane,” he growled, slamming his mouth down on mine.

His roughness should have scared me, but it didn’t. Instead it turned me on even more, and fueled my own arousal to dizzying heights. I couldn’t remember the last time a man’s kiss had curled my toes, but they were curling now against the wood planks beneath my feet. Suddenly Vince’s hands moved beneath my shirt and he was cupping my butt, grinding his hard cock into my belly. I wanted it grinding against my pussy. As if reading my mind, he picked me up and then it was doing just that.

I wrapped my legs around him, opening my mouth beneath his with a moan. The feelings surging throughout my body threatened to make me come undone. My heart felt like it was going to beat right out of my chest, and the heat in my blood became unbearable. I needed relief. I buried my hands in Vince’s thick hair, relishing in his groan when I gave a sharp tug. The taste of heat and whiskey on his mouth tantalized my taste buds. The smell of leather, smoke, and motor oil teased my senses.

My hips began to move as if they had a mind of their own, grinding against the huge erection in his pants. And it was huge, I could tell his girth was wide, his length longer than most. The thought of his cock inside my pussy soaked my underwear. He stopped kissing me to run his mouth along the side of my neck. I clenched my nails into his hard shoulders. Without warning, Vince turned and headed down the steps.

I wanted to ask him where we were going but busied myself by tasting him instead. I kissed, licked, and nibbled along his muscular neck, tugging on his ear, biting his taut jaw. I couldn’t get enough of him. It didn’t take a genius to know that Vince was taking us to his bike. When we got there he lowered me to my feet and kissed me again, and like before the contact produced wildfire between us and we were devouring one another.

Vince braced me against his motorcycle as his hands lifted my sleep shirt and zeroed in on my breasts. I cried out softly, arching into his rough palms, biting my bottom lip when he leaned forward to take a breast into his mouth. Once again I buried my fingers into his hair, holding him tightly as he tortured my nipples until I was twisting and moaning uncontrollably.  God, I loved what he was doing to me, what he was making me feel! The more he sucked and tugged on my nipples, the wetter I grew between my legs. My clit was a throbbing bundle of nerves.

As if sensing it, Vince dropped to his knees. “I need to taste this pussy.”

My eyes grew big. “Vince−”

“Relax, darlin’, we’re well beyond the light.”

I realized that he was right when I glanced back at the house and noticed that the kitchen light didn’t reach where we were. Relaxing a little, I gave him full rein to do whatever he wanted, and right then he was burying his face against my pussy and breathing it in. The sight fucking turned me on. The feel of his hot breath against my clit could have made me come. In the next instant his fingers curled into the waistband of my cotton briefs and he tugged them down my legs.

“I don’t want to see you in cotton panties again,” he growled, tossing them aside after I stepped out of them. He was going to be disappointed, because cotton was all I owned. It didn’t matter in the next second, because he was parting the folds of my pussy and attacking my clit.

“Oh, Jesus!” I cried out, arching into his face. I was so close to climaxing, and the way Vince was working his tongue in and out of my body, it wouldn’t take long for me to lose control. “Vince!”

“Sweet tasting pussy, baby,” he mumbled from his knees. His hands went to my thighs. “Spread those pretty legs more for me.” Without hesitation I did what he wanted, gasping sharply when he replaced his tongue with his fingers. Fuller, rougher penetration, and a thumb on my clit, set me off like a fire cracker.

“Vince!” I screamed, lower body braced against his bike and hoping like hell that it didn’t tip over because my hips were convulsing like a rodeo rider on a bull. I threw my head back as I rode out one of the most intense orgasms I’d ever had. Eight years worth, without a man anyway, stored up for this one moment of total, mind-blowing bliss. “Oh, God!”

“That’s it, darlin’, soak my fingers with your cream.”

When I could move again I glanced down at Vince. His fingers were still buried inside me, and I watched him remove them in a slow glide that caused me to twitch because he raked them over my still sensitive clit. He stood finally, and, locking eyes on me, brought one of his fingers to his mouth and licked it clean. I could only watch, spellbound, as I’d never seen anything so hot, and then he put the other finger, the one he hadn’t cleaned, to my lips.

“Taste yourself.”

I didn’t occur to me to resist. Vince was too compelling, too dominant. I opened my mouth and he slipped his finger inside, and I sucked it clean under his careful scrutiny. When I was done he wrapped a hand around the back of my neck and pulled me into him for a rough, passion-filled kiss. It wasn’t long before we were right back where we had started, trying to consume one another in a clash of tongues, teeth, and roaming hands. This time, when Vince thrust his throbbing cock against me, I reached for the front of his pants.

I barely had the buckle undone when I found myself being spun around and pushed down and over Vince’s bike with my ass in the air. “What are you doing?” I started to get up, but he put a hand on my back to keep me there. “Vince, the bike−”

“Don’t worry about the bike, baby.” I could tell that he was undoing his zipper with his free hand because I felt his movements against my bare bottom. “Worry about the feel of my dick inside your sweet cunt.” I caught my breath when I felt his bare, hot, cock rubbing over my bottom and then between my thighs.

I was going insane with his teasing. I wanted to reach back there, grab his cock, and jam it inside me. Wiggling to get my message across didn’t seem to be working. “Vince, fuck me already!”

He laughed roughly. “You asked for it, darlin’.”  He parted my folds and penetrated my body with one deep plunge.

I sucked in a breath at the stretch and burn, the tightness filling me. Vince’s deep, long-winded groan sounded like an animal in pain, and I knew that he was feeling the same thing that I was. I clenched my internal muscles around him, feeling his shudder vibrate through my body.

“Fucking hell, darlin’, you’re tight.”

I clenched again, smiling.

“Stop that,” he growled.

“Don’t you want to come?” I teased, clenching again.

He groaned. “If you don’t stop squeezing my dick you’re going to be sorry.”

His threat didn’t worry me. “What will you do?”

“You don’t want to fucking know.”

He pulled out to the very tip of his head and I immediately felt the emptiness. Then he slammed back inside me, not holding anything back. If I thought he’d filled me before, the feel of his head jabbing my cervix opened my eyes, as well as my mouth, in pleasant shock.

“Oh, shit!” I hissed.

“Like that, baby?”

The man was going to kill me! I retaliated by squeezing his cock as hard as I could. With a snarl he leaned over my back and put his mouth against my ear. “I’m gonna fuck you so hard you won’t walk straight for a week.”

I quivered, moaning at the promise of his words.

“I’m gonna put so much cum inside this tight little cunt that you’ll leak for days.” He ended his erotic threats with a serious bite on my ear.

I cried out in a mixture of pain and pleasure.

“Nothing gets in the way of what I want.” He soothed the bite by sucking my ear into his hot mouth. “And, darlin’, I want you.”

Why did I get the feeling that Vince meant more than for just this moment? He didn’t move for a minute, but I could feel his cock pulsing inside me, strong and steady. I whimpered, feeling  everything at once--his big body against my back pinning me down, the softness of the bike’s leather seat beneath me, the cool morning air brushing over my exposed flesh.

When Vince started to thrust again I knew he wouldn’t stop until he’d climaxed. Every time he slammed inside me I pushed back so that we both got the full pleasure of the joining of our bodies. Wet flesh smacked against flesh, his heavy balls pounded against the back of my thighs with a force that had to hurt. If it did, he didn’t let it slow him down, or stop him.

He grunted, I moaned, the sounds of our heavy breathing joined in with the sounds of nature waking up. I couldn’t help but be aware of the rising sun, praying that it held off just a little more, until Vince had fucked me into oblivion and nothing else mattered, and he was doing just that. I felt a draft when he lifted the top half of his body away from me. His hands gripped my hips with painful intensity, and I knew it would leave bruises. It added to my pleasure. I was going to climax again, could feel it reaching the point of no return.

“Vince!” I cried out, hoping my desperate plea told him what I didn’t have the breath to ask for.

Suddenly one of his hands moved around to the front of me and his fingers zeroed in on my clit. That was the push that I needed to send me over. Just as my orgasm broke free and surged throughout my entire body, Vince’s hand at my waist clenched to the point of pain, he grew taut, and exploded deep inside me. I could feel it, feel the force of his cum filling me. He shuddered violently against me every time his cock ejaculated.

“Oh, Jesus,” I whimpered weakly, relaxing against the bike’s seat and not caring if the damn thing fell over. I dreaded the thought of Vince pulling away. I didn’t want to lose the connection, the warmth of his body behind me, the fullness I even now still felt deep inside me. I couldn’t believe that my pussy was still buzzing with sensation.

“You okay, darlin’?”

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