Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Day in Hell

lol...I recently went away for a couple weeks for vacation. I'm not going to mention the airline I flew on because I've been flying with them for years and they are almost always reliable and run smoothly. On Tuesday October 18th not so much.

The Process
 As my granddaughter called it
I arrived at the Portland (Maine) airport at 5AM
Flight scheduled to take off 6AM
We board the plane...and sit
Roughly 6:45 we are asked to get off the plane because of mechanical issues
As we wait to get back on the plane the people at the check-in desk begin to schedule back-up flights for those of us who will miss our connections in Atlanta
As more and more time goes by it becomes apparent that all of us will miss our connecting flights so they begin to schedule us all back-up flights
Airline staff order donuts and coffee for us
Then first class passengers are asked back up to the desk for food vouchers since no food will be served on the plane coming from NY to take the place of the broken plane
Passengers who left items in the over head compartments(we were asked to leave them behind) are asked to go back onto the plane to retrieve them
A new plane arrives from NY
More time goes by as the plane is being cleaned
We board at 12:30 and take off at 1PM
Arrive at Atlanta at 3:20, 10 minutes before my back-up flight to Daytona Beach is scheduled to take off, don't even have time to use my food voucher or use the restroom (I was about to auction off my whoopee pies because I wasn't the only one who was hungry)
I make the departure gate as the plane is being boarded without a minute to spare
Arrive Daytona 5PM...tired, hungry, and with no luggage
Luggage delivered to my house the next morning

The End

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