Saturday, September 10, 2016

It's hard to believe that tomorrow will mark 15 years since the towers fell. I have a picture of me on the Staten Island ferry with the towers in the background. Too many lives lost and destroyed because of hate.

Some of you know that I was on a plane the morning of the attack. We were in Kansas and about to take off when the announcement came that one of the towers had collapsed. The plane turned around and everyone had to get off. Never made our destination but we were alive and glued to the airport TVs watching the news like the rest of the world, in shock, disbelief and sadness. Didn't even have a cell phone but a nice man let me borrow his. My daughter was the first one I called because I had to hear her voice, and I'm sure she was feeling the same way, knowing that Earl and I were on a plane.

Fifteen years, and it still hurts so much.

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