Friday, September 16, 2016

Am I Wrong?

Someone, please tell me! I recently had a procedure in a facility where you go for a day. Insurance was supposed to cover so much for the facility and the doctor and I was to cover the co-pay, which I did before they took me into the back. When I left there I thought it was a done deal, but then soon began getting bills for this and that that wasn't covered by insurance. Maybe I'm wrong but in the old days didn't you pay one bill and everyone got paid from that? Now it seems everyone who even touches you sends their own separate bill.


Anne said...

It would be nice if they were more upfront about this. When I have something done in the Chicago area, it is not uncommon for each doctor involved to bill separately from the facility. Insurance should cover their charges to the plan limits ad well. This goes for the doctor reading a mammogram to an anesthesiologist separate from any doctor doing the actual procedure, etc.

Hopefully, you had good news. ☺

Tory Richards said...

Well now I know what to expect at least. The last time I'd had anything done medically was over 20 years ago so I was quite surprised with all the separate bills.