Thursday, August 11, 2016

She Let Herself Go by Hipsy Bohannon (Review Tour)

This is a review tour and yes, I read the book. My thoughts are at the bottom.

Hipsy Bohannon - She Let Herself Go - Virtual book Tour

Romance / Erotica
Date Published: May 25, 2016
Women like Elizabeth Lane were never supposed to find themselves in places like these. Dark places filled with shady characters, hell-bent on her destruction. Up until now, she had always played it safe. She had no business being on the bad side of town; in a place where a woman was a thing to be claimed, then used and abused. All she had wanted was one wild night to help her to forget all about her cheating husband, and the shattered heart he had left her with. What she got instead was something out of every woman’s worst nightmare.

A snap decision, a shady bar visited, and a man unlike any she had ever met before, all take her on a hard ride that has her questioning everything she thought she knew about life and herself.

Jezze Jamez Greyson was everything your mother would have warned you to stay away from if she hadn’t been so busy trying to get with him herself. Having been rode hard and put away wet by half the well to do women in town, Jezze Jamez no longer felt like he was anything worth having, and he damn sure didn’t want anything worth keeping. That was; until she walked into the bar, leaving him with no choice, but to play a role he was never meant to play. Hero. He couldn't stop himself from coming to her rescue. But now that he had, what was he supposed to do with her?
Two different people, from two very different worlds. Sparks will fly, but will it warm them up or burn them down?

Hardcore smut meets deep depth in this; sometimes comical, heart-shaking tale of never meant to be love and body breaking revenge, that will leave you begging for more!

Meet Hipsy Bohannon, an avid writer and user of deep smut. Hailing from the photography world of dark art, her fans have affectionately dubbed her 'Half-naked Hipsy covered in blood.' A professional recluse, Hipsy uses most of her free time loitering, stalking, and confusing the masses. Her creative writing roots grew from an awkward youth spent roaming the roads of the United States, Gypsy style. Solitary confinement in a car, heading from one place to the next, gave her ample opportunity to practice the art of crafting stories. She now calls the middle woods of Upstate N.Y. home sweet home. Solicitors and company are not welcome!
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My review: I received the book from the Ms. Bohannon to provide an honest review of her work.

Let me start out by saying that this is a very long story with a cliffhanger at the end for those of you who don't like cliffhangers. Also, there is one very brutal, descriptive rape assault on the heroine towards the end that left a lump in my throat. The author is very gifted in her writing skills and how she describes the incident put you right there as if you are watching the horror unfold. I don't want to give anything away but a discovery after the incident was a little unbelievable but I reminded myself that miracles do happen, and this is fiction.

The story is well developed, witty, suspenseful, gut-wrenching, and very entertaining. I thoroughly enjoyed the banter between Jezze and Elizabeth and the sex between them was off the chart scorching! We have two people here, one who had a shitty childhood filled with violence and turmoil, leaving him feeling unworthy, stupid, and used, and another who had the opposite upbringing and life until her verbally abusive husband left her. They seem to compliment each other in a mixed-up way that works.

Though there are challenges they must face and overcome, sometimes it's just plain heart-breaking to see how low Jezze has come with how he looks at himself. There were times when he seemed so strong and invincible, and then times when he let his past overwhelm his actions and thoughts. I especially hated when he resorted to his old ways to help Elizabeth out. It nearly destroyed him.

And Elizabeth, though she seems strong in most incidences, she's a complete door mat with her ex-husband. I hated how she didn't stand up to him. But I liked how she fought to keep her son and again the author did a great job of describing the horror of him being tugged back and forth between his parents, and the total sorrow that engulfed Elizabeth when she realized there was nothing she could do to stop her soon to be ex from taking the boy away.

This story had equal amounts of lightness and darkness, though probably more darkness toward the end. You find yourself rooting for Jezze and Elizabeth and that happy ending we all want at the end of a good story. Because that's what this is, a really good story that I enjoyed very much. There were a  few misspelled words, and some missing words, and lastly point of view issues but none of that kept this from being a book that I was glad I had read. I look forward to reading part two because as you'll find out after reading She Let Herself Go, the story stops at a very critical part.

I hope you'll enjoy this book as much as I did!