Monday, August 29, 2016

Pet Peeves

We all have them, right? I don't like people who show up late, litterbugs, or dishonesty. Just lately I've decided to add another one.

So, I just had a new release. I hired a promotional site to do a blitz. I usually check the links to make sure a post has gone up, and because I like to thank the host for helping me get the word out about my new book. I notice that a lot of bloggers don't take the time to format their posts. Not sure why that bothers me, but it's so confusing when I'm trying to read a post and all the words are running together so that it looks like one giant paragraph. That's not how I sent the material to them

I always format my posts. I take pride in my blog looking professional and I believe how I post material reflects on me, not the person I received the info from.

I wonder how many readers actually take the time to read a post that looks like one big, wordy paragraph. Maybe it's just me and I'm being picky.


Mischa Eliot said...

It's not just you. I did a promo (it was free) and they put it up on their site and facebook, but failed to put it out on twitter, which I guess is fine since I promo there quite a bit for myself.

I sometimes think people run these sites just to make money, but they don't take the time to put anything into it, which is just sad, really.

Tory Richards said...

Yeah, but even when you're careful and do your homework you can still get screwed. I believe if you're paying for a service it's their responsibility to check and make sure everyone who signed up for it posted it as promised. They are the ones who should see it through and make sure it's successful. Part of that should be the proper formatting.

There are a lot of sites out there so I've decided to do most of my promo on All Romance eBooks next year to see how that turns out. Their packages are expensive but they've been in the business a long time and have the numbers to back it up. I'm hoping it will save me time and money in the long run.