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Saturday, August 13, 2016


I've always loved art but really learned to appreciate the different, complex aspects of it while on my travels to Europe. I've gathered some favorites in my pinterest boards and thought I'd share a few along with my personal thoughts.

Santorini Island, Greece. One of the most beautiful places I've ever gone. The picture above is truly what you see when you're there. My daughter, niece and I did a wine tasting on the island and had a wonderful meal. We took the bus to the top and my niece rode a donkey down while Michelle and I took the sky ride down.

The Beginning of a Perfect Day. I don't care for a lot of Thomas Kinkade's work but this piece captured my attention. I actually own a signed and numbered copy and it dominates one whole wall in my room.

These birch trees remind me of home in Maine. I love trees. Breaks my heart whenever I see a logger truck or a recently cleared area for a new mall to go in. I know, progress. I especially don't like seeing the  beautiful tree they cut down for the Rockefeller Plaza Christmas Tree Lighting. It's such a magnificent tree and I can't help thinking how many years it took to get that way. Why can't we just enjoy it where it is?

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