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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

1st Sentences in the 1st Five Chapters of Carnal Hunger


Chapter 1, 1st sentence: Iris
‘Come home.’ Those two little words played over and over in my mind, as I sat back in my assigned seat and closed my eyes.

Chapter 2, 1st sentence: Iris
It turned out that Dickie was home, after having convinced Penny that that’s where he wanted—needed—to be.

Chapter 3, 1st sentence: VD
I glanced up just in time to watch her cute little ass disappear inside the house.

Chapter 4, 1st sentence: Iris
A small noise woke me unexpectedly, and I opened my eyes.

Chapter 5, 1st sentence: VD
I stepped away from Iris reluctantly, moaning low.

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