Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Hawk and Audra's First Meeting in Phantom Riders MC

The keys!

A rush of excitement raced through me, and I acted without thinking. I swung my leg over the seat, which was no easy feat for my short stature, and reached for the keys. My gaze barely acknowledged the heavy metal skull hanging on the key ring as I turned it to start the bike.

“What the fuck—”

I barely had time to register the growl of rage behind me before a huge hand fell on my shoulder, bunched up the extra material there, and hauled me roughly off the bike as easily as if I were a child. As I was shaken like a rag doll, my hoodie fell off my head. I glanced up at the giant at the same time that he pulled back his tight fist to hit me. A loud gasp escaped me and I scrunched up my face, waiting for the explosion of pain and the sound of broken bones, that I was sure was coming.


I opened my eyes to see his huge fist paused just inches from connecting to my face. His expression was fierce, everything about it pulled taut over his cheek and jaw bones, eyes the color of black ice were glaring down at me, narrowing as I watched the man take in my features and hair. His gaze raked over my figure, and he frowned even more as if he were trying to figure out what I was. When his icy glare returned to my face, his fist relaxed and he reached forward, pulling my waist length hair forward.

“Who the fuck are you?” he snarled.

“No one,” I said softly. I couldn’t think clearly enough to make something up, only knowing I didn’t want him to know my name. The man was terrifying, and I was shaking like a leaf.

Movement near the store drew my gaze away to see that two other men were coming out. All three of them were dressed in the same way, in jeans, boots, black t-shirts and leather cuts that warned me that they probably belonged to a motorcycle club. The two men paused to light cigarettes, their interested gaze falling on me.

The giant that was holding me gave me a violent shake to get my attention again. “I almost destroyed your face, woman. What are you doing messing around with my bike?”

“Nothing,” I said in the same soft tone as before.

“It didn’t look like fucking nothing to me. Where did you think you were going?”

“Nowhere.” I watched as his friends began to walk toward us. At the same time another man walked out of the store, and my panic level grew as I recognized one of Dane’s bodyguards who’d traveled with us from Vegas. I quickly yanked the hoodie up and tucked my hair back into it, turning my face away as much as I could. “Please help me,” I begged.

The man scared the shit out of me, but at the moment, he was the lesser of two evils. I knew what I could expect from Dane, and would take my chances with the giant. I peeked at him from beneath my hoodie. His expression hadn’t changed. His eyes were narrowed on me like a scrutinizing hawk.


He glanced in the direction that I had. “Who are you running from?”

“Please take me away from here. We can talk later.” I held his gaze, trying not to cry, but the situation was starting to get to me. If Dane’s man recognized me and he forced me back to Las Vegas, God knew what would happen to me. “I’ll pay you,” I said in desperation.

The giant continued to scowl at me. I got the impression that my offer of money had peaked his interest, but when his gaze ran down the length of me again, I realized that he might want something more than money. Then he surprised me by reaching forward and grabbing and squeezing my breast. It was by sheer will power that I stood there and didn’t react. I couldn’t afford to.

“Get the fuck on.” He turned toward his two friends. “Let’s ride.”

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