Saturday, June 18, 2016

His Possession Snippet

I didn’t let the beautiful setting put me at ease.

Finally Raze released a heavy breath and said, “You won’t be welcome here. Every brother in there hates you and wants you gone.” Brothers in an MC stuck together, had each other’s backs, and I’d done the unthinkable. He didn’t have to explain what he meant by gone, either. A feeling of dread settled in my belly. “You hear me?” he snapped.

“Yes.” I bit down on my bottom lip, fighting the emotion that was threatening to swell, knowing what to expect, and also knowing that a lack of backbone would only make it worse. They wouldn’t look at me as a woman who needed protection, but one that they wanted to humiliate and destroy. “Will they rape me?” I had to know. I could handle just about anything but that.
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An angry growl escaped Raze, and he turned his head so he could look over his shoulder at me. “You think we’re animals? Fuck you, Rosa. We don’t rape women. Now get off.”

I climbed off, putting my hand on his shoulder to use it as leverage. I met the silent fierceness in his eyes, remembering his earlier warning. “Sorry for touching you.” I stepped away. Raze snorted, dismounted, and then wrapped his large hand around my upper arm. As he began to pull I yanked back sharply. “I can walk on my own, Raze.”

I didn’t have time to blink. He reacted like a feral animal, cornering his weaker prey. I found myself being pushed up against the side of the building, his unyielding body against mine, as he lowered his face down to mine. “You’re mine, baby,” he snarled, his hot breath slapping me in the face. “If I don’t show every brother in there that you’re my possession they’ll think it’s open season to your pussy, even though they hate you they’ll still want to fuck you. You fucking want that?”