Saturday, May 21, 2016

Social Media Links

I thought since I wrote a post earlier about my disappointment with facebook that you might be interested in my social media links or places I post regularly where you can find me. It's not many, certainly nothing compared to the tons of groups I belonged to in the beginning.

Here - almost daily
Twitter - daily
Coffee Time Blog - 20th of the month
The Romance Studio Blog - weekends
Outrageous Girls Blog - anytime


Life Without Frank said...

Facebook is not my preferred method of keeping up with authors, I have no idea why their posts don't show up in my feed but I hate missing book releases, extras, funny videos : )

I still love blogs and newsletters, Goodreads is pretty good too, they see to be the most reliable.


Tory Richards said...

I agree Shannon. I have a Goodreads page, listed it below. I also have a newsletter and run a monthly rafflecopter giveaway for subscribers only.

I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one with fb issues. They started out as a good social platform for people to get to know one another but over time made too many changes.