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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

French Kiss

Kissing with your tongue, right? That's all I knew when I was growing up. Kind of wet and sloppy but oh so cool! I can still remember the little butterflies I got when a boy kissed me that way for the first time. Course it helped that I really liked the boy. Tonsil hockey and swapping spit are a couple of slang terms for French kissing but if a boy asked me to swap spit I'd probably throw up.

The French kiss (also called the Florentine Kiss in earlier times), got it's name from the French because the French had the reputation of having more passionate sex practices. No surprise there, I think the French are way ahead of us when it comes to their sexuality and public ways of expressing it.

Wikipedia  listed some disease risks but overall it seems pretty rare catching anything from French kissing.

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