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Friday, May 20, 2016


I hate to say it but I'm just about done with facebook. I have around 3,500 friends and maybe, just maybe I might see posts from a dozen of them, and usually the same people. Makes me wonder how many are actually seeing my posts. Not too long ago someone I was used to seeing just disappeared. So I went to their individual page and sure enough, they've been posting all along. So why aren't their posts showing up for me to see? Very disappointing.

I enjoy my personal facebook page, the one that's under my real name. I keep it strictly for family and friends that I actually get together with. Hence the reason I only have 63 friends. There's a lot more interaction and activity going on there, for obvious reasons. We all know one another personally. Makes a difference I'd say.

I don't think I'll delete my Tory Richards' page because anything I post on my website/blog does show up there. At least anyone who's interested in my books will still get the updates. Or they can join my newsletter.

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