Monday, May 30, 2016

Author Services

I just want to say that if you have a website and you offer author services for promotion please, please, please respond to that author if they contact you. We already spend hours and hours away from writing to promote our books and I can't tell you how many of you never respond back. In a timely manner, too. It's unprofessional when you let a week or more go by without a word back to what is basically your client. Someone requesting your offered services, whether it's free or a paid advertisement shouldn't have to wait, wonder and sometimes resubmit the request.

I spend all of my Saturdays, and sometimes Sundays doing nothing but promo. Mon-Fri I try to save for writing, but even then I find myself doing promo some evenings. We're all busy and life sometimes gets in the way but a little note giving the author a timeline heads up would go a long way. If you started your author services with good intentions as I know most of you have, and then find that it's too time consuming to keep up with, don't leave the author hanging by ignoring their requests. We're understanding creatures and communication is much appreciated.

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