Monday, April 11, 2016

Phantom Riders MC - Hawk teaser!

This little scene takes place in the ladies room at a rest stop.
Hawk's POV -

I crossed my arms and waited for her to open the stall door. When she did she saw me, jumped, screamed, and slipped her phone into a pocket. Our eyes met, hers were round and filled with guilt.

“The men’s room out of order?” she asked with a nervous smile.

“No.” I didn’t move from my spot against the wall. “Who the fuck was you talking to?”

“A friend.”

“Who’s Dane?” I’d heard the name before but couldn’t place it.

Her smile faded. “Not a friend.”

I was getting tired of her abrupt, flippant responses that didn’t really say anything. Kicking away from the wall, I walked her backwards against the same stall door she’d just exited. She gasped, her eyes growing large as she looked up at me. When her back came up against the door she tried to shrink away from me but there was really nowhere for her to go. I towered over her and held her captive without actually touching her.

As long as she was with me she needed to know the fucking rules. “Let’s get some things clear, woman—”

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