Friday, April 29, 2016

A little teaser for HIS POSSESSION

I ignored her whimper, but I couldn’t ignore the beautiful woman in front of me, and my eyes ate her up. She was a fucking goddess. Her large tits were just begging for my hands and those nipples—hard little gems of sweet candy—were just waiting to melt on my tongue like the purest sugar. For a curvy woman she had a tiny waist, and that flared out to full hips that were built for a man to hold on to when he was fucking her. The thought of her with Evil came out of fucking nowhere and brought my blood to a boiling rage.

I should have been her first, and it was on me that I hadn’t been. If I’d known rejecting her would send her into the arms of someone else, the fucking enemy in another MC, I’d have fucked her on her eighteenth birthday. Well, I was eleven fucking years too late to claim that prize. My dick was saying that it was never too late, but I ignored the constant throbbing between my legs.

I realized I was losing control and needed to get the fuck out of there fast. “You have ten minutes to eat your breakfast.” With that I practically threw her back against the wall, turned, and left the room with a slam of the door.

May first release date!

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