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Friday, March 18, 2016

Filthy Excerpt - Wild Marauders MC

warning...anal play

She pulled away and sat up. "I need a shower."

I let her go, watching her shapely ass jiggle as she walked away. Damn, fucking that sweet, puckered hole was going to be the icing on the cake. I couldn't wait. Kat was filled out in all the right places, giving me soft, voluptuous curves to hold onto when I was fucking her. She wasn't fat, but she made the too-thin sweetbutts look unhealthy as shit. I could see why they would resent her.

I'd already made up my mind to take her home in the morning and give her a little space, but it wouldn't end there. No fucking way I was letting go of the best thing to come along in a long time. I’d known the moment that I saw her pacing on the side of the road that I wanted her. She could deny that she belonged to me all she wanted, and I would have the pleasure of proving her wrong every chance I got.

Shit! I heard the shower running and jumped from the bed. The bathroom was filled with hot steam, the glass shower cloudy and distorting her figure. I narrowed my eyes, watching Kat arch her neck while she worked the shampoo out of her hair. When she began to run a soapy cloth over her shoulders and breasts I opened the door and stepped inside.

She gasped and stopped what she was doing. I stepped closer to her, letting my eyes eat her up. She stepped back until she was up against the tiled wall, a teasing smile spreading across her face. The spray of water was between us, and I stepped underneath it. Once I was as wet as she was I reached for the cloth. "Turn around and I'll do your back."

She hesitated, looking at me as though I were dangerous, or something. "You look like you're getting ready to bite."

Losing patience, I took Kat by the shoulders and spun her around. I leaned in and whispered into her ear, "Oh, I bite, baby. The right kind of pain intensifies pleasure." I ran the cloth over her shoulders, and down her back, continuing over her luscious ass and down the back of her legs. On the way back up I took my time running the cloth between the crack of her butt. A soft moan escaped her when I spread her cheeks to make sure that all the soap was gone.

Son of a bitch! I knew it was a mistake as soon as I did it. Seeing that tiny, puckered hole made me want to fuck it. I fell to my knees and buried my face against her slick flesh, and stuck my tongue where I wanted my dick to be. Kat let out a small cry and jerked, probably in surprise. I reamed her out good, until she was squirming and gasping. When I got to my feet again I pushed my hard cock against the forbidden opening.

"See what you fuckin' do to me, Kat?" I grabbed her by the hair and pulled her back so I had access to her throat. I grazed my teeth along her flesh, feeling her wild shudder. "You're my woman, babe, get used to it."

I thrust against her several more times, teasing but not entering her. When I'd had enough I pulled her around and threaded my fingers through her wet hair. "Say it." I rubbed my nose against hers. She shook her head no. "Stubborn bitch." I laughed before angling my mouth over hers. I was brutal but she held her own, opening her mouth and meeting my tongue with hers. She raked her nails down my back, purring like a cat.

Shifting my hands to her tits, I rubbed and squeezed the massive mounds, and then tweaked her nipples. She quivered, clenching her hands into my ass. My cock jumped, and I knew there was only one place that would satisfy it. I picked Kat up. She automatically wrapped her legs around my waist, giving me easy access to her sweet cunt. I plowed forward and buried my dick into her. She transferred her hands to my shoulders and held on as I began to fuck her fast and furious. Each time I buried my dick as deep as it could go, and each time her body clenched around me like a fucking vice.

"Sweet hell, you're so fucking tight, baby."

"You have a monster cock," she gasped in return.


"Hell no."

She sank her teeth into my shoulder and I fucking blew. Her pussy tightened and swelled, sucking my orgasm from my balls. For a couple of minutes I was helpless, unable to manage the violent convulsions that controlled my body as I filled Kat with cum. As soon as I was able to move I reached for her clit, rubbed and pinched it until she climaxed.

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