Sunday, February 14, 2016

THE COWBOY WAY: Dirty excerpt

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“Well? Are you brave enough to come in, or are you just content to sit there and enjoy the view?”

Lacey’s gaze shot up to meet his at the arrogant remark. She opened her mouth to make a scathing comment but the second their eyes clashed she forgot what she’d been about to say. Her heart pounded sharply in her chest at the blatant look of naked desire etched on Chase’s handsome face. She wondered what his reaction would be if she joined him after all.

Did she dare? That would certainly not be the response he was expecting. But in the end, Lacey didn’t. Chase frightened her. And what alarmed her more was the hunger of her own body where he was concerned. The best course of action was to distance herself from him.

It was only by sheer willpower that Lacey was able to draw herself up and act coolly toward Chase. She was in no hurry, instead taking her time and purposely letting him glimpse the near-naked perfection of her body. She fought the urge to rip off her skimpy top and pretended not to notice when she heard him suck in a sharp breath.

“You’re a tease, sweetheart. I didn’t realize how much until now. I only hope you’re prepared to back up your invitation.”

Invitation? Lacey didn’t realize Chase was wading toward the steps at the end of the pool. She was intent on slipping into her mesh robe and escaping. His words stung because she knew they weren’t true. Yet why had she deliberately set out to entice him? She knew why. Because she wanted him as hungry for her as she was for him.

When Lacey reached down to turn off the radio, Chase’s hands suddenly fell on her shoulders and whirled her around. A startled squeak escaped her before her mouth was captured by Chase’s in a hard and forceful kiss. She raised her hands to push him away.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Her heart slammed against her chest.

“You won’t need this.” Chase roughly ripped the wrap off her body. “If you’re going to tease a man, Lacey, be prepared for the consequences.”

“I wasn’t…”

Chase pulled her sharply against him, his hands digging painfully into her naked buttocks. “You were!” Their breaths mingled, and then he was stealing hers away with the demanding pressure of his lips in another kiss.

Lacey was helpless against Chase. Whimpering noises of pleasure sounded deep in her throat as she responded to his rough possession. When she felt the heavy pounding of his arousal against her, she felt an answering response deep inside her body. Before she knew what she was doing, she rotated her hips against him, moaning at the surge of damp heat between her legs.

“You little witch. Do you know what you’re doing?” His words were hoarse and rough.

Lacey knew what she was doing and was in no condition to answer Chase. She had to save her strength just to breathe, and she leaned into him, letting his rock-hard body support her from falling to the deck.  Chase’s hands were no longer squeezing her buttocks in punishment, but were gentle now, caressing over her in tender exploration. The rough calluses of his palms added an extra element of stimulation as his hands smoothed down her thighs and back up to her bottom, lifting her at the same time and holding her against him.

“Damn, you feel good against my cock.” He leaned forward and sank his teeth into the side of Lacey’s neck, then soothed the slight pain he’d inflicted by sucking it tenderly. “Sorry, baby, but you bring out the savage in me.”

Trembling wildly, Lacey’s hands went to the waistband of his boxers and slipped inside. It was a bold act that was so unlike her, yet she couldn’t seem to stop her fingers from encircling his hard length to test her power over him. His shudder revealed more than words what her touch was doing to him. A low groan vibrated through his chest as Chase thrust his hips toward her caress.

“That’s it, milk me, baby!”

His hands began to roam into places just as intimate, slipping between Lacey’s thighs. She was powerless to stop him when a finger slipped beneath her suit and flicked across her throbbing clit. She sucked in air when she realized what Chase was doing. Growling, his hands went to her hips and he held her against him. Her hand was still around his hard-on, but his movement made Lacey aware that she was also touching herself in the most secret of places as he rocked her back and forth. Her mouth parted to take in more air, her eyes half-closed with forbidden passion. If he kept it up much longer she was going to bring them both to fulfillment.

“Chase…” She was at the very pinnacle of release.

He shuddered, holding her tighter. “What, baby?” His mouth breathed against hers. “Do you plan to call a halt at the most crucial moment?” His breathing was ragged.

Lacey barely had enough energy left to shake her head. She was beyond rational thought. She felt an explosion of moist heat soak her bikini panties. She was so close, but she wanted him inside her. “Chase, I…” She couldn’t put her thoughts into words.

“Hold your breath.”

Maybe he wanted the same thing too, because without warning he forced them over the side and into the water. When they surfaced, Lacey was facing the side of the pool deck with Chase behind her. There was no time for questions. He took her by the hips and moved her poolside. Lacey gasped sharply when she felt the water jets against her mound, hitting the very spot Chase had manipulated with his finger. A shiver escaped her. And as pleasure consumed her, Chase moved her bikini bottom aside and penetrated her from behind.

He groaned low and savage against her ear. Lacey let out a soft, satisfied cry. She arched so he would have easier access, the action causing his cock to slide deeper into her body. “Shit! You’re so damn tight!”

As he thrust in and out, his finger played with the sensitive nub of her desire. Oh God! She felt the spiraling heat of pleasure traveling through her body at an uncontrollable speed. She felt Chase’s iron-hard flesh become bigger and harder, his balls tight as they slapped against her fanny. His breathing indicated he was close too.


He grunted, and then clamped his teeth down on Lacey’s shoulder in a rough love bite. His hands traveled up to cup her breasts, then let go to hold the side of the pool as he began to move faster and harder behind her. His body convulsed behind Lacey. In spite of being in the water, she felt the fire of Chase’s orgasm flood her womb. Her own climax followed almost instantly. Crying out softly, her body jerked with completion, and for a moment they moved against each other out of control.

“Damn,” Chase gasped against her neck as he gradually relaxed against her. “You drain a man.”

Lacey collapsed against the pool, too exhausted to respond to his comment. She felt pretty spent herself. When she was able to move, she turned her head to peer at Chase out of the corner of her eye. His mouth swooped down, and he kissed her hotly. She opened her mouth, accepting the thrust of his tongue.

“I think we better get out of the water.” Lacey’s ears picked up the noise of the gate latch being opened and felt his body tense.

“We’re about to have company.”

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