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Saturday, January 9, 2016

If I win the POWERBALL tonight

I don't play the lottery. Have never really given it much thought as I've always felt any money I made in my life time would come from hard work. However, I'm making an exception today.


I figure that, even with the odds, I have as much chance as the next person. So below is at the top of my list at what I'd do with some of the money.

Set up a haven for senior pets that no one wants anymore. It just breaks my heart when I see the picture of a an old dog or cat that someone has abandoned, or dropped off at the animal shelter because they can't afford to pay for their medical expenses, or just don't want them anymore because they're old. I'll never understand how someone can take care of an animal, love that animal for years, only to do that to them in the end.

Older pets need us. They feel love and pain just like we do. Can you imagine what goes through their sad little minds when someone they love, after years of being with that person, walks away from them when they need them the most?

It just breaks my heart.

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