Thursday, November 12, 2015


I am so tired of seeing the word stepbrother in the title of a book, what makes it so appealing? Is a romance title with it in it considered taboo? There's nothing taboo about step-siblings getting together. Yet sometimes the books are listed in the taboo section. I've read a few of these stories, usually erotic in nature, and they mostly include two legal-aged adults who were only raised in the same household for like, two years. Not even raised really, they were in their late teens when her mommy and his daddy married. Oh, and, they (the step-siblings) hate each other in the beginning, usually because of their attraction to one another. 

Now, I would consider it yucky if they were raised together as brother and sister early on, like under the age of ten. Yeah, I could see that as being taboo. What do you think? 

Other words wearing thin with me and not necessarily in the title include, college, millionaire, billionaire, and MC (motorcycle club). Gasp! I know I have some MC romances out there but so many that I've read aren't really what I consider MC stories. The writer has a motorcycle riding dude in her story and throws MC in the title to get some sucker like me who's addicted to those kinds of stories to pick it up. That's my opinion.

Hey, let's see if I can get all of those words in one title! The Billionaire Stepbrother Falls for the College Millionaire. Oh, wait, I forgot MC. Okay what about, The College Millionaire Stepbrother Joins the Billionaire MC. lol It's coming, not by me though.


Felicia Reevers said...

YESSSS!I feel as though I wrote this! LOL! I'm 100% in agreement, and my book searches are becoming narrower and narrower. This is not a condemnation by any means, but DAYUM! The genre is saturated with clones. When you look at blogger "top tens", you're hard-pressed to find any type of variety in the plots.

There aren't any new stories under the sun, but new takes and spins are always welcome...and needed.

Tory Richards said...

Yep! I didn't think I was the only one who felt this way. Have you picked up any books with misleading titles?