Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Vacation with a Biker

Yep! I was in Maine for a month and a week of that I spent with one of my dearest friends, whose son just happens to be in a biker club. Most of the time I spent with my cousin, Mary, in China Maine. Hadn't been home in three years and it was time. Felt good disconnecting from 'stuff' and having a break.

It's amazing how peaceful it is just sitting back and listening to nature, watching birds eat at a feeder and two little chipmunks running back and forth from the bird feeder to their little home somewhere beneath the porch. It was clear they were gearing up for winter because they'd fill their little cheeks full of sunflower seeds before disappearing again.

I did absolutely nothing other than try and keep up with email madness. Spent the month reading, sitting on my cousin's front porch, (she lives in the country) enjoying the change in weather even though it was a little warm at the beginning, and visiting with family and friends. We watched the eclipse of the moon one night. Ate a lot of seafood while I was home, too. Oh, and let's not forget the whoopie pies! Yum! I brought some home for the family.

The day after I arrived home we took a scenic boat ride over to Cabbage Island for the clambake. We were met with a two lobster meal that included steamed clams, fish chowder, baked potato, onion, and a huge piece of blueberry cake. 

Spent one full day further up north from where my cousin lives, driving around looking for moose. Didn't see any but I did get a shot of a doe and her baby. 

I missed the grand kids and furbabbies like crazy, yet I hated leaving home to come home. Every time I leave Maine I tell myself I won't wait so long to go back next time. I mean it this time. None of us are getting any younger:)



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