Sunday, August 23, 2015

Sexually Explicit Excerpt of Dark Menace MC

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Suddenly her mouth was pliable and returning my kiss. Her submission got to me like nothing else. I applied more pressure, pushing Rachel deeper into the bed, grinding my mouth with mounting lust. Releasing the grip I had on her hair, I grasped both of her wrists and pinned them above her head with one hand. I let my other hand trail down her body, pausing long enough to pinch her nipples before continuing lower and cupping her pussy.

Fucking hell, she was already wet.

She moaned and raised her hips, as if seeking more pressure.

I pulled back slightly. “You want to come again, sweetheart?” I could see the answer in her smoky eyes, but I also knew that Rachel was just stubborn enough to deny what she wanted. To urge her to respond I nudged aside the thin silk that was covering her sex, and flicked the tip of my finger over her mound.

She remained obstinately silent. I stuck my tongue out and licked her swollen lips. “Tell me what you want, baby.” I parted the seam at her entrance and slowly ran my finger up and down, until slipping inside to her labia. The soft, spongy flesh was saturated with slick cream. I growled, knowing that I had to have a taste.

Without hesitation I moved down her body and jerked off her panties. She cried out when my mouth zeroed right in on her wet pussy. I smashed my face against her, and buried my tongue as deep as it would go. Fuck, she was dripping cream and I was determined to get it all. The musky scent, her taste, jacked up my libido, and I began dry humping the bed. I worked my tongue like a cock, and used my fingers against her rock-hard little clit.

Rachel twisted and squirmed as I was determined to get her off. I was vaguely aware of her heavy panting, the soft sighs that told me where she was in her climb to release. When they began to get louder and closer together I slid my hands under her ass, gripped the fleshy cheeks tightly, and lifted her up. The different angle allowed me to slip two fingers inside her and focus on her G-spot, while I lavished attention to her clit with my tongue. I knew it wouldn’t take her long, and it didn’t.

“Fuuuck!” she exploded.

Seconds later, Rachel’s hands were clenching in my hair as she screamed out her release. Several growls rumbled in my throat. I quickly replaced my fingers with my tongue, letting her cream coat it. I was a greedy bastard, and wanted it all. Fuck, as heaven melted on my thrusting tongue I almost lost it, but no fucking way was I going to waste another load outside her body. Now was her time though, and I was loath to pull away. As her movements slowed down, I began to lap her labia and outside pussy lips.

She twitched, and the hands in my hair attempted to push me away. I grinned around the tasty scent of her cunt, not ready to give up. I wanted every drop of her cream, and having her at my mercy kept me turned-on.

“I can’t,” she stopped to suck in air, “take anymore!” Lifting my head, I glanced at her over her pelvic bone. She was looking down at me, her face flushed and her eyes still showing signs of desire. “Please—”

There was a loud knock at the door. “What?” I snarled at the interruption. All I could think about was getting my dick wet inside Rachel’s tight pussy.

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