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Thursday, August 13, 2015

My Do Not List

Do Not
  1. Kill off the hero - that's a huge one for me
  2. Have the hero sleep with another woman once he's involved with the heroine
  3. Have the heroine sleep with another man once she's involved with the hero
  4. Have a cliffhanger without a warning up front
  5. Charge $2.99 for 30 pages
  6. Call it a book when it's a 30-page story
  7. Leave a low rating review saying it's too short when you knew it was short to begin with
  8. Write that the hero screamed, heroes shouldn't scream even when he's climaxing, sounds too girlie
Keep in mind, this is my list. You might disagree with some of it, you might have more to add. I might add more to it later. It's just a list.

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