Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Pulled Over Excerpt - rated R

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“Officer!” Sunny said in a rushed tone to get his attention. She knew once he started writing it would be all over. “Please don’t give me a ticket.”

He hesitated. “And why not?” He cocked his head to the side, and waited.

“Well, I, um,” Once again Sunny wished he’d remove his glasses. “I promise to take care of the tag and light by this weekend.”

He shook his head slowly. “Not good enough.” He prepared to write a second time.

“Wait, I, surely there’s something I can do in exchange for you, ah, just giving me a verbal warning this time.” Sunny couldn’t see his eyes but he sure as hell could see hers. To make sure there were no doubts to what she meant she slowly ran her gaze down the front of him. She couldn’t believe she was acting so brazenly.

“Are you bribing me, ma’am?” Officer Steele removed his sunglasses, and fixed his stony black eyes on hers.

Sunny was mesmerized by the look on his chiseled face. It was all hard, and there was a muscle twitching in his jaw, yet there was something about him that said he wasn’t immune to her charms either. She feigned innocence. “I would never bribe an officer of the law.” Once more she let her gaze move down his body, this time stopping on the front of his pants.

A river of molten heat enveloped her when she realized he had an erection. Going by the size of the bulge behind his zipper he was thick and long. Liquid warmth slid into Sunny’s panties as she imagined Officer Steele ramming his cock into her cunt. What would it take to make him lose control?

Without warning she saw his gaze narrow on something on the seat next to her. “Is that pot?”

Sunny glanced at what he was looking at. She couldn’t help it, she laughed. “No, I don’t do drugs. That’s catnip.” She made a move to pick up the small plastic bag.

“Don’t move!”

Officer Steele’s harsh command caused her to freeze. “Step out of the car, please.”


“I said step out of the car!”

He backed up as Sunny opened her door and got out. She was small compared to him, and had to glance up a long way to meet his sharp gaze. A breeze picked up her long hair, bringing it forward to rest against her breast. At the same time her blouse separated even more where she’d unbuttoned it. Officer Steele’s gaze moved over her, from her exposed cleavage, down to her cut off shorts, naked thighs, legs and back up again. Then without warning he grabbed Sunny, swung her around and slammed her up against the front of her truck.

She gasped loudly. “What are you doing?”

His tone was close to the back of her neck. Sunny could feel his warm breath stir the fine hairs there. “I’m going to frisk you.” He moved, and suddenly his mouth was against her ear. “And then I’m going to fuck you.”